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Today Is Terrible, But We’re Still Here When You’re Ready for a Romance Novel

Hi Everyone. This week has been something else, and the news today was just the icing on the cake.

Yes, I’m talking about the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. (But also the court saying, “j/k, Miranda rights don’t actually have to be read” and also “hahaha states, you thought you could prevent some people from carrying concealed weapons” and also and also and also…)

We, like many of you, are sad and scared and feeling powerless. So with that in mind, here are a few things you can do to help pregnant people continue to get the care they need:

Want more ways to help, or want to learn more? More great resources about supporting abortion access can be found here, here, and here.

And here’s the other thing. When you’re feeling sad and scared and powerless, it’s ok to retreat for a little bit. Sometimes, a romance novel can help, and that’s where we come in. We’re going to keep reading and reviewing and recommending and just plain talking about romance novels because they bring us joy in uncertain times. And when our tanks are full, we will continue to do what we can to make the world a little bit better, one day at a time.


Review: Irretrievably Wicked by Constance Kersaint (2022)

Rebel by Night, Book #1

Heat Factor: High high heat. He loves her quim and worships it accordingly.

Character Chemistry: Two lonely people take care of each other.

Plot: Cress hires a highwayman to break her idiot brother out of prison.

Overall: Propulsive adventure that needed another round of editing.

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Wrap Up

June 2022 Wrap Up

We don’t need to remind you all that the world’s on fire, but also, daily life continues. (Our statement on the end of Roe v. Wade and ways to support abortion seekers and providers here.) And once again, reading and talking about and writing about romance is helping us make it through. Here’s what we got up to this month.

Our Favorite Reads…

Erin’s Choice: The Will Darling Adventures by KJ Charles

Chemistry AND mistrust AND a giant conspiracy.

Ingrid’s Choice: Next of Kin by Hannah Bonam-Young

Crisp writing AND multi-dimensional characters AND a lovely slow burn.

Holly’s Choice: The Romance Recipe by Ruby Barrett

Lots of emotion AND sexy rumpus AND cooking.

More from the Blog…

Notes from Romancelandia…

Coming Soon…

We’re planning a whole week on Fake Relationships, and are super-excited to read ridiculous shenanigans with bonus angst! And we were planning on not reading any ARCs this summer but, uh, there are so many books we’re too excited about.

Recommended Read, Review

Review: Beautiful & Dirty and The Don by Katrina Jackson (2020-2022)

The Family, Book #1 & 5

Review of The Family, Book #2 & Book #3

Heat Factor: There is plenty of time for sex no matter what else is happening

Character Chemistry: A lot of this couple’s chemistry occurs in Beautiful & Dirty, but they’re so happy to be reunited in The Don

Plot: Shae meets Salvatore on a day that she’s about done with her selfish boyfriend, and when her day in Naples ends with a pregnancy, she’s a little lost…until her cousin’s disappearing act takes her right back to Italy and Salvatore’s restaurant

Overall: You kind of have to read the whole series, but if half sex, half mayhem sounds fun to you, I definitely recommend it.

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Recommended Read, Review

Review: The Romance Recipe by Ruby Barrett (2022)

Heat Factor: Sex, then denying it has any meaning.

Character Chemistry: They have alllllll the feelings.

Plot: Amy keeps making decisions for everyone else.

Overall: Look, this is a sexy, bi-awakening, f-f chef story. How could I not love it?

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