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Review: Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore (2019)

A League of Extraordinary Women, Book #1

Heat Factor: Who cares about sex? The angsty yearning set my socks on fire! (There is sex, though.)

Character Chemistry: Lit.

Plot: Unequal romance between dutiful Duke and suffragist, non-virgin bluestocking

Overall: So. Much. Yes.

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Review: Stubborn Love by Susan Craig (2019)

Cedar Hill, Book 2

Review of Cedar Hill, Book 1

Heat Factor: Steamy and Angsty and Hair-Raising (Oh, MY!)

Character Chemistry: They’re like a mix between a well-worn couple who knows one another well and brand new lovers who don’t know what they’re doing (but in a good way)

Plot: Sally’s super busy running her dog rescue, earning her long-overdue degree, and raising her son alone. Then she starts getting stalker-y notes and her previously tepid friendship with Jim, the town’s veterinarian, turns into something more as he works to keep her safe.

Overall: This book was just…stressful. Will they, won’t they, will they before she’s murdered, how can they afford all those take-out dinners, is she going to finish her paper with all this drama going on, just…so stressful.

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Review: The Princess Plan by Julia London (2019)

A Royal Wedding, Book #1

Heat Factor: On par with your average historical romance 

Character Chemistry: Eliza is irresistible (and irrepressible!) 

Plot: Murder and marriage go together!

Overall: A little of this, a little of that, a little bit fun

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Dueling Review, Rant, Recommended Read

Dueling Review: Ayesha at Last by Uzma Jalaluddin (2019)

If Holly were to review this book, she would call it a Recommended Read. If Erin were to review this book, she would write a Rant. Clearly, we needed to review this book together.

Welcome to Dueling Reviews.

Moderated by Ingrid, who stirs the pot.

Erin’s Take:

Heat Factor: No heat in the traditional sense, but Khalid and Ayesha throw sparks

Character Chemistry: There’s a lot of “I shouldn’t but I still want” between these two

Plot: Pride and Prejudice retelling from a Muslim immigrant viewpoint

Overall: My rage at some of the plot points really detracted from the romance

Holly’s Take:

Heat Factor: Very chaste

Character Chemistry: Who knew that a brush of the finger tips could be so sexy?

Plot: Pride and Prejudice, but Muslim, with some extra side plots to make the central relationship more complicated

Overall: Enjoyable

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Review: It Started with a Pregnancy by Christy Jeffries (2019)

Furever Yours, Book 6

Heat Factor: A low flame

Character Chemistry: I’m not convinced that they actually want to be together

Plot: She’s pregnant with twins after a one night stand. Will he stick around?

Overall: There are some cute scenes, but the way people talk to pregnant women makes me RAGE. Turns out that’s also true in fiction, not just in real life.

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