You’re looking for something to read. Maybe you feel like a romance novel. Perhaps a bodice ripper? Or a historical romance with nothing but dukes and balls and glorious clothing? Or maybe you’re feeling more like it’s time for lots of sexy action in the world of high finance? But definitely, what you want is a glorious, heart-quickening smut-tastic work of fiction.

We firmly believe that there is a romance novel out there for every taste, and we want to help you find it. Whether you’re as much of a romance fan as we are, or you’re new to the genre, we’ve got you covered.

Call us Smut Enthusiasts.

Call us Smut Scholars.

Call us Smut Evangelists.

We are The Smut Report: Let’s talk dirty books.


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May 2023 Wrap Up

Here’s everything we got up to on the blog this month! Our Favorite Reads… Holly’s Choice: Alliance with His Stolen Heiress by Lydia San Andres This book is utterly bonkers and full of shenanigans—perfect for when you want a category-length read with a ton of plot. Erin’s Choice: The Problem with Perfect by Philip William…

Review: An Island Princess Starts a Scandal by Adriana Herrera (2023)

Las Leonas, Book #2 Heat Factor: It seems like there’s gonna be hanky-panky starting at the halfway point Character Chemistry: Instant connection Plot: Manuela wants to have fun. Cora wants Manuela’s land. Manuela will sell it, if Cora shows her some fun first. What’s a little bribery between lovers? Overall: I could not get into…

Review: The Problem with Perfect by Philip William Stover (2023)

Heat Factor: It’s not a slow burn, it’s a no-sex burn Character Chemistry: There were moments it could have been great, but it never really clicked Plot: Ethan keeps compounding his problems by trying too hard to make everything how it should be, and Beau opens his eyes to how he wants it to be…

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