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Review: Charming as Puck by Pippa Grant (2019)

Heat Factor: You’ll start it for the steam, but you’ll stick with it for the one-liners.

Character Chemistry: It starts off strong and just pretty much stays that way

Plot: Pro hockey player and very nice nerd veterinarian start off as friends with benefits and veterinarian grows a backbone, wherein pro hockey player suddenly shapes up and their relationship ends up being just genuinely nice. And hilarious.

Overall: Worth a read.

I have to say I started out thinking this was going to be some kind of traditional beefcake-meets-nerd-who-is-secretly-a-glamazon-and-no-one-noticed-but-him-because-women-are-worthless-without-men-noticing-them type book but in fact it’s basically a hilarious romp with a cast of really truly likeable characters.

The main character, Kami, is a veterinarian (a brilliant and down-to-earth one) who realizes that she’s in a lopsided fling with her best friend’s brother. He takes her for granted and just generally uses her (this is somewhat mutual) until he messes up on her 30th birthday and she walks.

This is where I got intrigued because she didn’t beat herself up about it or get all dramatic about it–she just firmly ended it and walked like a boss. Excellent. Then her best friends all kind of showed up and they’re all nerdy, strong, brilliant women too. It wasn’t until I was halfway through this book that I realized that the author doesn’t ever go into rapturous detail about how all the women look–instead, she gives you an idea of who they are and what they do (why they’re actually interesting human beings), and I realized my mind kind of filled in what I thought they’d look like. I loved that. Why read about another super leggy/voluptuous lead woman with “golden/fiery/jet black/warm brown” hair when you can read about a veterinarian who adopts a cow and pretends it’s a dog so her neighbors don’t call animal control? It’s fabulous.

The author also leaves little Easter eggs that draw you into the other books in the series, but I’ve already moved on to another one, and I can say with certainty that you don’t need to read them in order. The nuggets she leaves are just enough to string them together.

As far as the guy goes, I really did think he was going to have one of those annoying “how did I not SEE HER!! I am IMMEDIATELY REFORMED!!” moments, but he didn’t. It was something that kind of developed, which was perfect–the steam factor was there from the beginning, but you really started rooting for them gradually, and the whole way from start to finish was warm, funny, and beautifully done.

To be honest, I read this with a sleeping baby and I had to rock her back to sleep twice because I couldn’t stop giggling.

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