Review: Accidental Love by Mia Ford (2019)

Heat Factor: It has steamy scenes but little else

Character Chemistry: They say they’re into it, so I guess that must be true

Plot: This is where things really fell apart.

Overall: If you like books with sexist overtones and a flat plotline, go for it.

Ok so–I get that people like different things. So I’ll keep my personal opinion until the end. This first part here will just delve into the actual writing style and plot.

The author writes flatly–there’s no build, no ambiance, no scene setting. She just spills the whole plot like she’s relating some piece of gossip about people you don’t know or care about in a monotone. (At one point I felt like Napoleon Dynamite wrote it.) I’m being picky here, and I do apologize–but it just didn’t engage me at all. To give a clear picture of this flat plot, I’ll just say that the author keeps talking about the deaths of people who are supposed to have been quite close to the main characters and every single time she could show some degree of actual emotion or character development she cops out by saying something along the lines of “but I knew I had to move on, so I did.” Okay, but HOW? Are these people sociopaths? How do they sleep around willy-nilly and engage in “activities” around the guy’s mom and have people dying without any complicated feelings? It’s bordering on creepy.

Okay, so here’s the part that is my personal opinion–

This book is blatantly sexist. The main male character, Remy, tries to sleep with this girl he’s supposedly completely in love with, gets turned down, and immediately goes and sleeps with a one-night-stand unapologetically. He even pulls the “I thought of you the whole time!” move. Gross.

Remy’s mom is the quintessential perfect housewife who has her one negative moment wrinkling her nose and criticizing fuel-efficient cars. Wha…Why? The author practically goes into rapture about how positive and supportive this woman is but this saint can’t find something nice to say about a fuel-efficient car? This moment stuck out in a jarring and awkward way.

Remy’s job is demanding of his time and is creative, and the author talks about it like he’s making some kind of sacrifice for the good of the couple and their future. But Celia is a writer and also has a creative job that requires long hours and Remy “convinces” her to blow it off on multiple occasions. Because, like, she can’t handle it. Her heavy uterus requires frequent naps and trips to the spa.

If you’re okay with rampant grammatical errors and characters that you kind of don’t even actually like (so basically if you’re just in it to read sex scenes), go for it. I was not impressed.

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