Review: The Duke of Distraction by Darcy Burke (2019)

The Untouchables, Book 12 of 12

Heat Factor: So very steamy.   

Character Chemistry: It’ll getcha.

Plot: Lady enlists her brother’s best gentleman friend to help her find a husband she’ll love (and who will support her budding millinery business)–Gentleman swears he’ll never marry. WHAT COULD GO WRONG.

Overall: Really expected this one to fall into the same predictable trope, but it was surprisingly fresh.

Sarah, our heroine, wants two things: to marry for love and to open her own secret millinery shop. Her parents just want her to marry, so they suggest she marry her brother’s best friend, Felix. He has, sadly, sworn off marriage and so offers to help her find a husband. (If this plot sounds familiar, that’s because it’s been done a time or two.) Along the way there’s a carriage racing situation, a house party with closet kissing games, two deaths, a sexy grotto, whispers of highwaymen, an uncle grasping at the title…it’s jam packed. I wondered why, but then realized it’s the last of 12 books in a series, so I figure it’s probably a little like the youngest kid in a family who ends up with three middle names. It’s your last chance, so you squeeze in what you can.

Honestly, the chemistry between Sarah and Felix carry this book–he so genuinely admires and supports her, and he’s just about always saying exactly the right thing–so when they accidentally end up having about the steamiest hook up in a closet during a house party, you’re already 100% in to them getting carried away. It’s just cute. I will say that the conclusion of this house party causes a sharp plot twist that ends up feeling like the author took two separate ideas and mashed them together, because nothing about the beginning of the book feels like anything at the end of the book. For example, Sarah seems like a pretty chill, put-together and rational person at the outset of the story, but then after she gets a taste of Felix she pursues him aggressively, and with very little of the sense you came to expect from her. It certainly didn’t throw me off, but I also noticed.

The only other thing was that the epilogue really only works if you’ve read the other books in the series because it pulls together all these characters you’ve never heard of. But don’t worry about it, because at one point Sarah and Felix make deliciously questionable choices in a grotto where there are normal, innocent people wandering around and you won’t be suffering through that scene, my friend.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. We disclose this in accordance with 16 CFR §255.

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