Review: The Earl Next Door by Amelia Grey (2019)

First Comes Love, Book 1

Heat Factor: Mildly steamy

Character Chemistry: Like an old pair of jeans

Plot: A widow starts a school and rubs a neighbor the wrong way…but then kind of the right way…

Overall: It’s cute, you’ll fall in love with the characters, it’s well-written. It’s a keeper.

Some people go on vacation and they max out their itinerary, seeing as much as they possibly can. Other people go on vacation and stay put. They read, they eat where the locals eat, they find the best coffee shop and go there every day…if you’re the latter, you’ll love this book.

Let me explain. This book largely takes place on the same block. Nearly the whole thing. You’ll get to know the neighbors, you’ll get comfortable with the alleys and gardens. It’s just charming. Equally charming? The relationship between Lyon and Adeline, our hero and heroine.

I expected their relationship to be more complicated and messy based on its beginning–Lyon mistakes Adeline for the mistress of a new “house of ill repute” setting up in his neighborhood. That error is quickly resolved when he learns that the number of mattresses being delivered are for, in fact, the small girls’ school Adeline is starting for the daughters of those lost in a shipwreck (a wreck where she also lost her doofus of a husband, may he rest in peace).

I will say that the first steamy scene was a little less than titillating–but then as Lyon and Adeline develop more complicated feelings for one another, those scenes get steamier and more beautifully written. (I see what you did there, Ms. Grey. It’s always better when you’re with someone you love. Clever.)

All in all, it’s sweet, it’s funny, you’ll feel like you’ve made yourself a comfortable little home in their neighborhood, and when you’re finished you’ll feel a little homesick.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. We disclose this in accordance with 16 CFR §255.

Release date: This coming Tuesday, May 28

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