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Review: Flirting with the Frenemy by Pippa Grant (2019)

Bro Code, Book 1

Heat Factor: It’s steamy pretty much before you even get to know them

Character Chemistry: It starts with a bang and ends the same way

Plot: Ellie has a wedding and her ex is going to be there. Wyatt just wants to reconnect after the one night stand that resulted in Ellie’s traumatic car accident. Add pirates, Wyatt’s adorable son, and a cast of memorable characters and you have yourself the next series you won’t be able to put down.

Overall: Guys, I have a problem. It’s a Pippa Grant problem. I don’t want help.

I really am going to have to stop reviewing Pippa Grant books, because I feel like I’m turning into a broken record here–this book is fabulous. This book is what you need after a long week. You need to read this book. Okay, fangirling over–now I’ll review like the professional that I am.

In this book, Ellie hooks up with her brother’s best friend Wyatt and runs away afterward, ending up in a traumatizing car accident that causes some painful, permanent damage to her leg. After her brother sneakily throws Ellie and Wyatt together for a week (Ellie has a wedding and Wyatt’s on vacation with his son), Ellie and Wyatt are forced to deal with their smouldering chemistry and the one-night-stand that divided them.

While this Pippa Grant book didn’t have the belly laughs I experienced with her hockey books, it’s a solid read. She crafts a beautiful sentence–she’s thoughtful and witty, could out-steam a sauna, and she doesn’t treat Ellie’s disability as if it’s something she needs saving from. Bonus points? The town this book takes place in is all about pirates, and I didn’t know that pirate weddings were a thing but now that I do know–I would very much appreciate being invited to one.

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