Review: Playing House by Ruby Lang (2019)

Uptown, Book 1

Heat Factor: It’s…warm and fuzzy

Character Chemistry: They are very cute together–and very polite.

Plot: Fay is recently divorced and Oliver is recently unemployed. When the meet up in an open house, sparks fly and a romance progresses–but Oliver is up for a job at Fay’s company. Miscommunication ensues, etc. 

Overall: I’m a very proper person and this one might have been a tad too proper for me.

Sometimes, I really love what I call a “bland” book–I want plot but when life is just too much I need something really low-key. I can stress about my own drama perfectly well, thank you–I don’t need anyone else’s. Even if it’s fictional drama. This one threw me for a loop, because it’s definitely a sexy book, and Fay/Oliver are definitely an adorable couple, but they’re just SO WELL BEHAVED.

For example, I kept expecting some mishaps when Fay and Oliver were hooking up, but it was just very smooth. Even when Fay falls into a bathtub and rips down the shower curtain when she and Oliver are about to get kissy in an open-house bathroom, they’re just very…forgiving and proper about it. I’d laugh so hard I peed my pants were I to find myself in that situation, but not Oliver. He’s just 100% gentleman. And when they do hook up, Fay politely asks Oliver up and politely gives him a tour of her home, and politely invites him to stay. 

And the big tension in the plot ends up being more mildly uncomfortable. They talk it out very politely (with a sprinkle of calm excuses and a smidgen of cool avoidance) and then it’s just kind of ends. I don’t want to suggest the writing is anything but well-done (it is a VERY visually appealing book) or that the characters were unlikable. I even liked the plot! It was just like being at a house party and meeting two very polite and good-looking people you catch smooching in a corner later. You think, hey, good for you two! And then try to see if you can find some more onion dip. You know? Good stuff, but it didn’t really stop me in my tracks. If you want a chill, low-key read, you might really enjoy this–but if you want the satisfaction that comes with a hard-fought and hard-won happily ever after, this one may not scratch that itch.

I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. We disclose this in accordance with 16 CFR §255.

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