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Review: Sacking the Quarterback by Samantha Towle (2016)

Heat Factor: Can’t move to the bedroom, gotta have sex on the table right now

Character Chemistry: She said so, and I guess they did have some up-against-the-wall, can’t-resist-my-passion sex

Plot: Squeaky clean pro quarterback arrested for drug possession has hots for prosecutor

Overall: Just no

A variety of factors led me to check this book out from the library: 

  1. It’s short.
  2. Holly’s rant about another of James Patterson’s Bookshots Flames
  3. Ingrid keeps reading books about athletes, Holly just read one, and I wanted to be in the club.

In case you were curious, a “Bookshot” is a novella, and I would have to say that it has all of the standard pitfalls of a novella in terms of depth of story and characterizations. I read this one, with numerous interruptions, on a weekend, in about 2 hours, and I read much more slowly than Ingrid or Holly, so if knocking out short romances is a desire for you, you could start here. Given Holly’s review and what I’m about to say, I’m not sure I’d recommend it…

This book is written in first person, which is unusual, though not unheard of, for a romance. I once suffered through a historical with a bunch of “thee” and “thou wouldst”, and this is much better than that. Still, there was too much “I <verb>…” because everything was from the heroine’s perspective. The sentence structure was not particularly interesting or robust, but there was a good amount of dialog to keep the cadence changing, so it was better than it could have been.

Melissa is the Assistant State’s Attorney, and she’s been called to throw the book at our hero, who is a professional football player who was caught in a club with enough drugs for an intent to distribute charge. Grayson is the football player, and he’s there to stand around and look pretty. He’s got a squeaky clean record, he’s totally hot (there might be arm porn) (and amazing green eyes), and he wants the heroine right away. Such a struggle when you’ve got the hots for the woman trying to lock you up, amiright? Their attraction was abrupt and perfunctory. 

I started off rolling my eyes at Melissa and then was not surprised at all by her abrupt about-face. She knows from the beginning that something doesn’t add up given that Grayson has never failed a drug test and has a clean record. Nevertheless, for the first half of the book, she persists in telling herself to ignore these glaring inconsistencies because she puts bad guys behind bars and that’s that. How is she the best in Miami if she’s doing such a terrible job of putting together her case? There are big enough holes that the defense could walk straight through them. BUT THEN she has an abrupt about-face, she has all the amazing sex (which was singularly uninspiring, if you’d like to know, even if it was on the table), and she has to protect Grayson from nefarious goings on. Of course.

This book was ridiculous. 

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