Review: It Started with a Pregnancy by Christy Jeffries (2019)

Furever Yours, Book 6

Heat Factor: A low flame

Character Chemistry: I’m not convinced that they actually want to be together

Plot: She’s pregnant with twins after a one night stand. Will he stick around?

Overall: There are some cute scenes, but the way people talk to pregnant women makes me RAGE. Turns out that’s also true in fiction, not just in real life.

As you might guess from the title, It Started with a Pregnancy is about a man and a woman that have an “Oops! I’m pregnant!” moment and develop a relationship from there. 

This trope irks me. A one night stand is not necessarily the best recipe for a relationship. Why wouldn’t the characters at least have a conversation about abortion? Or adoption, even? Granted, in this particular book, the characters don’t have real conversations about ANYTHING relating to the pregnancy, so I guess the lack of conversations about whether or not to keep the babies is par for the course for these two. However. Rebekah, our heroine, explicitly states that she feels like she’s not maternal and doesn’t bond well with babies, so wouldn’t she at least think about not keeping the twins, even if she won’t talk to Grant about it?

The lack of communication between Rebekah and Grant goes beyond basic discussions about Rebekah’s pregnancy. Ultimately, I just did not buy the relationship. The conflict between them is that Rebekah is worried that Grant isn’t serious and won’t stick around to parent their twins. He lives in a different state, always wears surf clothes, and is always flying off to do other things. And when they get to know each other, that doesn’t necessarily change – she thinks more than once that she’s going to have to be the mean parent while he’ll be the fun one. Grant, on the other hand, is working to convince Rebekah that he is invested in being a father. You can see where I’m going with this: they both think about their relationship in terms of co-parenting, but not in terms of whether they will be good partners for each other.

And what they DO decide to do about their relationship is ridiculous and also confusing. Remember, Rebekah is already pregnant at this point. And then she and Grant decide that the way that they’re going to tell everyone that they’re having kids together is to have a fake relationship for a while and then have that transition into a real relationship. Or something? Because when they decide to do this they haven’t decided whether they will be together for real. I don’t understand the logic of this, and it just makes the development of the tie between Rebekah and Grant even more convoluted and less believable. 

Another irksome thing about this book was the cover. The model for Rebekah is really skinny, and given that Rebekah is constantly talking about her curves (plus, remember, she’s pregnant) and trying to limit her calorie intake (WTF? Just eat the damn croissant, you’re pregnant!), that discrepancy just bugged me. And why the heck isn’t Grant wearing board shorts and a see through t-shirt? That’s like his entire personality. 

Lest you think I hated this book because I keep talking about things that irked me, I will state for the record that there were some things that Jeffries did really well. The writing flows and is easy to read. The secondary characters are entertaining without being twee. And finally, Jeffries doesn’t fall into the trap of homogeneity that befalls so many Small Town Romances. 

Overall, this book was fine. I read it while breastfeeding (appropriate!), and it got me through. 

That is some smut in real life right there

PS: Did you know that you are NOT SUPPOSED TO DRINK COFFEE when you are PREGOONANT?!?!?! In case you may have forgotten that bit of information, our heroine mentions it at least 3 times, before she has even seen a doctor. (NOTE: I am not a doctor, but my understanding is cutting out all caffeine may not be necessary. If you are pregnant, please discuss appropriate caffeine intake with a medical professional.) 

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