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Review: Love in the Stacks by Delilah Peters (2019)

Love in New Bedford, Book 2

Heat Factor: There may be snow outside, but in here, the temperature is rising. And rising. And rising. 

Character Chemistry: After recovering from an early misstep, these characters have exemplary communication skills

Plot: Librarians have sex in the library on Christmas Eve

Overall: I mean. It’s an Erotic Christmas Novella. What more could you ask for?

Love in the Stacks is from The Dirty Bits line by Carina Press – which means it’s a mini-romance that focuses on the sexytimes. There’s not a lot of build up or detailed character work here. 

Scene 1: I bring you hot chocolate and remind you of my name. You tell me I need to put air in my tires. 

Scene 2: You give me my Christmas present – a tire gauge. And then you remove my underwear.

With that said, this is an extremely effective sexy romance that highlights verbal communication. Ben, our hero, is neurodivergent and therefore doesn’t really understand non-verbal cues. That means when Poppy first makes some friendly overtures to her new co-worker (the afore-mentioned hot chocolate), things are a bit awkward and confused. She thought she was sending clear signals, but he was scowling at her after he kissed her, so is he interested or not? 

Once Ben explains his situation, they start putting things out in the open. Which means that there’s a lot of dirty talk and explicit discussions of desire which is both hot and makes for some interesting commentary on what constitutes a workable relationship. Because the story was so focused on talking about sexual satiation, Love in the Stacks was more emotionally satisfying than the average erotic novella.

Are you alright? 

It seems like such a simple question, but there’s so much to glean from it. 

It’s a request for information that encompasses a world of questions: Did I hurt you? Did you like what I did to you? Did I make you feel special? Do you want me to do it again? Do you want me?

And so Poppy and Ben embark on some sexytimes that are centered around careful communication. Plus a very convenient snow storm which leaves them stranded in the library. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. We disclose this in accordance with 16 CFR §255.

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