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Review: Colton Christmas Protector by Beth Cornelison (2016)

Coltons of Texas, Book 12

Heat Factor: Not even steam

Character Chemistry: It’s fine

Plot: There are a lot of moving parts – they are hiding out and solving crimes and parenting

Overall: Irritating

Have you ever had the experience reading a book, where something really early on just irritates you, and then as you continue to read, you keep noticing small irritating things? Things that, in isolation, wouldn’t bug you, but because you’re already irritated, just irritate you more? 

Yeah, that was my experience with this book. Considering how many times I used the word “irritating” in the last paragraph, I think you have a pretty good handle on my feelings. 

To help you decide whether or not this book is for you, here’s the initial event that sparked my irritation:

Ok, so Reid Colton is one of the many scions of the Texas branch of the wealthy Colton family, is also a former police detective (his retirement was a whole thing, not important) – not because he needed a job or money, but because he wanted to serve and protect. He lives at home at the family ranch, along with a bunch of his siblings, which, NIGHTMARE, but ok, you do you. Here’s the irritating bit. 

He sleeps in. Stumbles down to the kitchen. Snarks about his mom and her histrionics. Pulls the coffee pot out of the coffee maker. Decides that the sludge is not appealing. Calls the maid in, from another room, to ask her to make him some coffee. 

Me: Seriously?!?! You had the coffee pot in your hand, you couldn’t just brew a fresh pot? 

Reid, a few paragraphs later: I shouldn’t have asked her to make a fresh pot of coffee just for me. 

Me: Truth! 

Reid, continuing: I could have just gone to Starbucks.

Me: UGGGGGGHHHHHHH. You have a robot that makes coffee for you. Just push the damn button yourself. 

Here’s the event that sealed the deal with me being completely and utterly irritated with this book:

Reid: Finds secret file that shows that Penelope was actually adopted. Hides it. 

Penelope: What was in that file?

Reid: Trust me, I’ll tell you when it’s time. It’s for your own good. 


Penelope, later: My dad is so evil! What if my son inherited a genetic propensity for evilness from my dad?

Reid: You’re a good mom. And trust me, you don’t need to worry about that. 


Me: Eye roll

Reid: You’re adopted. 

Penelope: Well, I’m not sad that he’s not my real dad. But, but – my REAL mom gave me awaaaaaaaaaay. 

Me: What. 

Anyways. There is some moderate suspense here, but I wouldn’t call it all that suspenseful. Pen and Reid have a complicated relationship, mainly due to external factors (he killed her husband; by accident, but still), and Cornelison does a decent enough job of having them work through their issues. However, all their chemistry seems to consist of her wanting to kiss him but not because he won’t give her forever (I guess he’s a playboy?) and him wanting to protect her because that’s the kind of man he is. 

I would recommend this book only to readers who really like alpha heroes who combine the worst traits of Billionaire Heroes (wealth, entitlement, bossiness) with Lawman Heroes (protectiveness, gun skills, bossiness). 

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More books like this, you say?

I happen to LIKE my heroes bossy, thank you very much

Unlike Holly, I think Romantic Suspense is the BEST subgenre

Give me a good Category Romance any day of the week

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