Review: Unwrap Me by Jack Harbon (2019)

Heat Factor: Short and Steamy.

Character Chemistry: These guys were star-crossed hook-ups.

Plot: College student Danny comes home for Christmas to discover his father’s young colleague is staying for the holidays…and he’s a dreamboat

Overall: A sweet and sexy kind of coming of age short story that was perhaps just too short!

Oh, sweet Danny. I loved this character from page one. He’s sweet and thoughtful, he’s clearly patient with his loving (but clumsy and less-than-open-minded) family. He’s also so obviously at the beginning of figuring out whether he’s willing and able to be open about who he is. He wants to be able to talk about his dating experiences in an open and receptive environment just like his straight siblings, but he hasn’t yet. He’s still firmly entrenched in being the family “good boy”. 

Danny ends up leaping wholeheartedly into his own wants and needs when this sweet and confident older Christmas houseguest comes to stay. I liked that the scenes were steamy and the relationship was obviously a fling, but that the characters were still really respectful and warm with one another. I think the intimacy was done well, and Danny was just so darn easy to read about.

If you have difficulties with age differences where the younger partner is very innocent and vulnerable, this one might be hard for you. Personally, I tend to struggle with books that have that particular dynamic, and although the author did a really good job of showing that both characters are handling the entire experience respectfully and with great care and consideration for each other, I still felt a growing concern for Danny as the story progressed. I would have loved for the book to have been much longer, primarily because I really liked the writing, but also because I think that concern may have been greatly alleviated with the plot being more fleshed out. Or maybe not!

For the record, I think this might be more appropriately placed in the erotica genre – but I also believe that if a book is marketed as romance it should be treated as romance, and so my review reflects that.

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