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Review: Humbugged by Pippa Grant and Lili Valente (2019)

Happy Cat, Book 4

Heat Factor: Well someone turned up the oven because it’s HOT IN HERE

Character Chemistry: He’s goofy and charming, and she’s trying to resist (but doesn’t want to). It’s so futile and so cute.

Plot: It’s Christmas in Happy Cat, Georgia, and Noelle is determined to stay single and start a successful bakery in a new place. But Clint is determined to win her over, and keep her safe from whatever nonsense is going on in the bakery whenever she’s not looking. 

Overall: It’s hilarious and adorable and sexy – an all around great Christmas read.

The youngest O’Dell returns home from his most recent placement abroad to recruit for the Marines in his hometown. Noelle gets tipsy after a bad breakup and buys a (haunted?) bakery in the small town of Happy Cat, Georgia, and is determined to start over, be happy, and have a wonderful Christmas. But everything she bakes falls apart (literally), and she can’t seem to make anything work. Enter Clint, who is like sexy, persistent sunshine.

Clint is both younger and a Marine, so Noelle is resistant to letting things develop at first – she’s seen firsthand how hard it is to be a military spouse and she’s sure the magnetic and powerful attraction they feel for one another will pass and Clint will move on. Spoiler Alert A.- it does not. Spoiler Alert B.- it gets worse.

Of course, a Pippa Grant isn’t a Pippa Grant without some absurd humor, and this one has a scene wherein group of senior citizens is accidentally dosed with flatulence-inducing baked goods and I’m not going to lie, it was maybe the funniest smut I’ve read since Pippa’s “this cow is clearly a dog” scene. I just feel like humor and romance go together like waffles and peanut butter, don’t you?

The best part about this book is how Christmas really becomes the setting for their romance without it being overpowering or smothering. While her ex tossed her aside in pursuit of someone new, the Holiday Noelle and Clint spend together is woven together with tradition and community, and just enjoying the time you get to spend with your loved ones. It’s like the difference between an empty Christmas with new toys but no love, and a Christmas where the focus is on connectedness and joy. So the warm and fuzzies were strong with this one. If you want warm and fuzzies (and farts), you’ll love this one.

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