Review: Make Your Move by Laura Heffernan (2019)

Gamer Girls, Book 3

Review of Book 1, Book 2

Heat Factor: Sealed with a kiss

Character Chemistry: Nothing special, though our hero is extremely respectful

Plot: I am developing a crush on my roommate! Also, my job is toxic.

Overall: A nice enough read

The bad news: Shannon needs a new roommate, and everyone she meets via her Craigslist ad is certifiably cuckoo-bananas.

The good news: Her friend Travis needs a place to stay. 

The bad news: He asked her out a few months ago; Shannon turned him down. 

The good news: He has a girlfriend now! No awkward feelings there. Phew!

The bad news: The new girlfriend is a psycho bitch.

The worse news: Who works with Shannon.

The worst news: And is trying to sabotage her job. 

Here’s the thing. The workplace drama that Shannon faces takes up way more space and is also more engaging than the developing connection between her and Travis. I was a lot more invested in the question of how Shannon was going to deal with Dennis the Creep (seriously, where is HR?) and Megan the Meanie than in whether she was going to pursue Travis after all. 

Make Your Move kept my attention – I breezed right through it – but because the focus was primarily on Shannon’s promotion bid, I wasn’t that invested in the romantic relationship. Furthermore, the story in the first person from Shannon’s perspective, so we don’t get a lot of insight into Travis’s thought processes. When the Big Romantic Gesture happens, my reaction was: Well, that’s very sweet, but no butterflies. 

Edited to Add: Another reader pointed out that the hero’s name is actually Tyler, not Travis. Whoops. The fact that I couldn’t remember the hero’s name long enough to write a review is probably indicative of how little importance he had in the story.

I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. We disclose this in accordance with 16 CFR §255.

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