Wrap Up

Our Favorite Reads of 2019

Since we make a point of reading old books as well as new releases, we’ve each chosen 6 favorites for the year – 3 new books, and 3 older ones. These are the books that made us laugh, cry, swoon, and think. Click on the book titles to see our full reviews.

Favorite Books Published in 2019


Cherishing the Goddess, Lucy Eden. What a sexy, captivating story. 

Let Go, Allie Winters. I sing the praises of this series to anyone who will listen. This one just goes to show you that you can have likeable, emotionally healthy characters in relatable situations and still be completely absorbed in the plot. 

Charming as Puck, Pippa Grant. Ah, yes. The book that made me fall in love with Pippa Grant. I laughed so hard I woke a sleeping baby. Enough said.


Brazen and the Beast, Sarah MacLean. The premise of this whole series is bananas, and this book is 100% in character. Come for fun, angst, and high drama. Also – secret bookworm hero wears glasses. ‘Nuf said.

A Prince on Paper, Alyssa Cole. Okay, this is a fake engagement story, so I guess we’re done here. What more do you need? A mature adult romantic partnership and an exploration of living life authentically? Okay. It’s got that, too. 

Bringing Down the Duke, Evie Dunmore. New author with new series. It’s a satisfying angsty romance, but the socio-political commentary woven into the narrative kicked this one over the edge.


The Widow of Rose House, Diana Biller. This book made me giddy with joy.

Some Like it Scandalous, Maya Rodale. Fake engagement PLUS enemies to lovers! Rodale plays around with a bunch of romance tropes here, and I was thoroughly entertained. (Thanks, Erin, for requesting it from NetGalley and then not having enough time to actually read it!)

Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors, Sonali Dev. I seem to have become our unofficial reader of Pride and Prejudice retellings, and this one is the best I’ve read, hands down. Not only does Dev understand the source material, she writes with such wit that this was immensely fun to read.

Older Books We Read (and Loved)


Dear Aaron, Mariana Zapata. This is a classic slow burn. It’s not for everyone (it wasn’t for Erin!), but if you like complicated heroines and a satisfying ending, you might like it as much as I did.

The Pilot and the Puck-Up, Pippa Grant. Holy role-reversal Batman – your feminist feels will flow with this one. Two incredibly strong, talented characters being intimidating and sexy. Yes.

The Corsair’s Captive, Ruby Dixon. Ah, well. I heard through the grapevine that some of Ruby Dixon’s readers thought I did not enjoy this title. Well, let me just tell you…much like very spicy food, just because something is a little uncomfortable at first doesn’t mean it’s not also delicious. And Ruby Dixon’s books are…spicy. And delicious. Stay tuned for my Ice Planet series review!


The Half of Us, Cardeno C. A relatively low drama M/M romance focused on love, relationship, family.

One Night with the CEO, Mia Sosa. A sexy, steamy, playful romance in which protagonists in different places in life find unexpected partnership and really hot sex.

Prudence/Imprudence, Gail Carriger. After reading these books, I told Holly that all I want to do is read Victorian paranormal steampunk smut. Read together for the whole romance.


Acting on Impulse, Mia Sosa. Mia Sosa writes some of the best sex scenes in the business, and that is saying something. 

An Extraordinary Union, Alyssa Cole. Proof that there is space within the genre to also tackle the complicated intersections of race and gender AND write historically interesting Civil War smut without Confederate Apologist Bullshit AND still have a bangin’ love story. 

Priest, Sierra Simone. This book is so dirty and so well-written. It may not be for everyone (sorry for scarring you by making you buddy read this with me, Ingrid!), but I was captivated.

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