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Review: Getting Schooled by Christina C. Jones (2016)

The Wright Brothers, Book 1

Heat Factor: It’s fiery. It’s a slow, steady fire.

Character Chemistry: Sincerely one of the best enemies-to-lovers I’ve read.

Plot: When Reese runs into Jason in the hallway at their university, they immediately set each other off…in more ways than one. AND THEY LOVE IT.

Overall: This book is so deliciously prickly and sexy.

I’m just going to say it – this book was really, really good. Really good. When I started it, my midwestern brain cells woke up and started to protest because Jason and Reese were NOT WELL-BEHAVED and then in moments I was shushing those brain cells and reminding them that this was not a church social and complex, imperfect characters (and people) are quite often the very best kind. And I was right.

Jason and Reese are both bold, brassy, sassy, clever, and at least at first – completely at odds with one another. Jason believes that Reese immediately judges him, and Reese is thrown off by his attitude. On the other hand, they also meet online as TA and student, where Reese is captivated by Jason’s writing. So the second I started thinking “uh oh, they’re really not interested in playing nice, are they” I knew I was in for something interesting. 

There are a lot of layers of good in this book. To start, it’s just a sexy, well-written book. Every single character is relatable. I loved that while the romance builds slowly, the chemistry crackles at the first interaction. I missed my “book friends” and my “book hangouts” when I closed the last page. I think most of all, I loved Reese. She’s so strong and her wit just sparks with every sentence. She isn’t coy or bashful. At one point, Jason’s father refers to her as his “sandpaper” and jokes that she must be “coarse”. She’s not perfect – at one point she throws a drink in her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend’s face and yanks a stool out from under her soon-to-be ex-friend’s hiney – but I wish I could just bottle up her confidence and swagger for personal use. 

The other part that was a personal “yay!” for me was the subtle healthiness of the book. Jason and Reese have really engaging conversations/comments about boundaries, independence, sexism, race – all cloaked in witty banter. In the beginning of the book I wondered if they’d be one of those couples that threw up red flag after red flag because they really did push each other’s buttons in the worst ways but it didn’t take long for me to mentally rub my hands together with glee. I loved every word and I’ll be looking up book two in three…two…one…

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