Review: Huddle with Me Tonight by Farrah Rochon (2010)

New York Sabers Football, Book 1

Heat Factor: It’s got kitchen heat, athlete heat, and sexy heat!

Character Chemistry: They’re well-matched from the first witty clash

Plot: A book reviewer/writer pans a famous football player’s book and puts his new restaurant venture at risk – both are in the middle of critical shifts in their careers. If they can team up to help one another, they’ll both benefit…but only if they can keep their sizzling romance under control.

Overall: Loved the chemistry and characters, but the climactic moment was a little sudden and unexplained for me

Torrian is a football player about to leave his career due to failing eyesight, and Paige is a book reviewer/journalist whose career is tantalizingly close to taking off at a national level. When Paige reviews Torrian’s new book, the gloves come off and Torrian’s restaurant venture is put at risk. To benefit them mutually, Paige and Torrian participate in a weekly “cook-off” which ultimately heats up their instantaneous chemistry. 

This is a really engaging read, with an interesting plot and likeable characters. I love how supportive Torrian is of Paige’s career, and I love that he’s immediately invested in a relationship with Paige. (Let’s be real, there’s not much more attractive in a book fella than one who knows exactly what he wants and single-mindedly pursues it. Steamy.) I felt like Paige was more reserved, which did help me buy in when Torrian found himself unsure of Paige’s integrity and loyalty. HOWEVER. This moment was a little problematic for me.

Torrian, at this point in the book, has shown no indication of being hot-headed or untrusting. In fact, he shows all indications of the opposite. And Paige at this point in the book shows caution, consideration, vulnerability…I give a little leeway for how personal the betrayal is, but the big moment of climactic tension here feels a little forced. I wish there had been some added “proof” prior to Torrian’s rejection of Paige, because it soured my opinion of him a little. Perhaps a personal preference with this particular trope, but if one half of a sexy duo is going to believe the absolute, relationship-ending worst about the other half, I need to see a darn good reason. I’m invested now, for pete’s sake. On the other hand, the way these two blew up their relationship meant that I had to drop everything to see how they could possibly pull off a happily-ever-after, so it was certainly effective…

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