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March Preview

As usual, we have a ton of book reviews in the works, starting with Eight Kinky Nights by Xan West later this afternoon. We’re all looking forward to catching up on our ARCs and applying some of that spring cleaning magic to our TBRs.

Other things happening in March

The Return of Listicles!

March is Women’s History Month, so we wanted to highlight some of our favorite romance heroines. Since Top 5 lists felt too constraining, every Saturday we’ll be posting the Smutty Six, starting with Scientist Heroines on March 7th.


Sourcebooks Casablanca is hosting #TropeMadness, a showdown of all your favorite romance tropes. We’ll mostly be talking about this on Twitter, but here are our brackets in case you need to tell us how wrong we are (you can download your own blank bracket here).

Erin says: Announcer Voice: And in a surprising upset, Fake Dating beats out Enemies to Lovers to win the Pink Division. Fake Dating will square off with one of Erin’s catnip tropes: Best Friend’s Sibling from the Blue Division. Which of these two powerhouse tropes will win the championship? It’s FAKE DATING!!!

Erin loves this trope so much, she can’t stop listing recommendations: The Kiss Quotient, The Unhoneymooners, A Prince on Paper, The Duke and I, Slightly Scandalous, and Cotillion.

Holly says: I’m not quite sure how this happened, as I don’t even love the Grumpy/Sunshine trope that much? Sometimes, though, when you’re in it to win it, you just have to go with your gut, and my gut is telling me the Manic Pixie Dream Girls have got this in the bag. Mainly because the Best Trope (Seducing My Spouse, sometimes known as Marriage in Trouble) is conspicuously absent.

Since we don’t have a Grumpy/Sunshine tag, if you’re looking for a book like this, I recommend The Secret Mistress by Mary Balogh because it is delightful.

Ingrid says: You can’t avoid it. Forced Proximity is the clear winner here.

Favorite forced proximity books include From Lukov with Love and Beauty and the Beefcake.

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