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Review: No One Else by Allie Winters (2020)

Suncoast University, Book 3

Review of Suncoast University, Book 1; Book 2

Heat Factor: Nothing like having no privacy to stir up a nice, hot, slow burn

Character Chemistry: Allie Winters lights the ole fire under these two pretty much immediately, then dumps some cold water on everything, and then it’s a nice simmer until we all finally get what we want!

Plot: Evan is earnest and completely head over heels for Natalie — always has been, always will be. But then it’s like…too fast! Too slow!! Crazy ex! What’s going on!!

Overall: Allie Winters takes her fabulous series and kicks things up a notch by embracing some really deliciously messy people and stirring the pot…

Okay, so right off the bat I realized I felt for my girl Natalie. She gets dumped by her boyfriend because he wants to ‘go on a break’ so he can ‘experience college’, which is pretty much the equivalent of asking to ‘put a pin in it’ — with ‘it’ being ‘someone you’re supposed to love’. (Can you tell I have some experience in this department?) But then, poor Natalie goes out with friends to blow off some steam, gets smoochy with a sexy friend, and he confesses his LOVE for her! Evan (sexy friend) ends up very distressed because she immediately throws up some healthy boundaries, peaces out, and licks her wounds for a few weeks. And that’s just the beginning, folks.

What I love about book three of Suncoast University is that while the first two books are like the sexiest healthy relationship books ever, Allie Winters lets her characters get a little messy in this one. Natalie’s one of those seemingly perfect, giving people who let’s these little glimmers of crackle show. She seems like she knows exactly what to do to solve other people’s problems, but she also has these moments where she realizes she just hasn’t spent time looking at herself and her own problems. And Evan is deeply loyal, steadfast and sensitive — but yes, he lets his neanderthal show a little here and there. This doesn’t mean they don’t fit into the Suncoast University “healthy is sexy” theme, however; being an emotionally healthy person doesn’t mean you do everything perfectly, it means you’re able to work through the messes you make with people in respectful, compassionate ways. And it’s really good they have these skills because Natalie’s ex makes things really stressful for a while there.

And seriously, Allie Winters can write a dang steam scene. I was fanning my face on numerous occasions. 

Gimme that book four!!! XO

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