Saturday Smutty Six: Entrepreneurs

To celebrate Women’s History Month, every Saturday in March we’re posting a top-six list of some of our favorite heroines. Since we’ve got history on the brain, books are in loose chronological order by setting.

This week, we’re featuring entrepreneurs. Female Entrepreneurs, who start and run their own businesses (and also stare down the sexist boys clubs of the business world).

Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas

Pandora Ravenel has no interest in marriage – she’s too busy starting her board game empire! And she honestly doesn’t care that she’s been caught in a compromising position with the devastatingly handsome heir to a dukedom. If she ever marries, her business will become the property of her husband, and she’s worked too hard to hand over her dream and her life to some man.

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Some Like it Scandalous by Maya Rodale

We featured Some Like it Scandalous when we talked scientist heroines, but this book is so awesome that we’re going to keep recommending it till you read it already. Daisy Swan knows first-hand about the power of make-up to boost a woman’s confidence – if only there weren’t such a taboo about being seen purchasing the stuff! 

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The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa

Carolina Santos can hustle. With iron self-control and organizational abilities that can’t be beat, she’s built her wedding planning business into a well-oiled machine that catches the eye of a local hotel owner. The opportunity to fold her own business into the hotel’s events offerings would certainly ease some of Lina’s small-business worries, but in order to get the job she has to work with the man who convinced her fiancé to abandon her at the altar.

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Dear Aaron by Mariana Zapata

She’s been sewing since forever, but until she’s let go from one of her sewing jobs and quits the other, Ruby Santos never considers that she might strike out on her own and grow her side business into something real. And with the support of her Army pen pal-cum-friend, she decides that she is brave enough to pursue the life she’s passionate about. 

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Something Blue by Susan Craig

Diana owns a company that makes steel rods. How sexy is that? Answer: very sexy. After turning the company into a success she wants to move on and agrees to sell it to a Smarty McHotpants who is still a little wobbly on the business skills. They have to work as a team to pull off the sale and keep the business afloat.

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The Pilot and the Puck-Up by Pippa Grant

Joey Diamonte is the co-owner and lead pilot for a zero gravity flight company. If that doesn’t scream bad-ass and also a little bit ridiculous, I don’t know what does.

Image by Air Zero G

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Honorable Mention: Lush Money, which features the only billionaire heroine we’ve come across (so far!!!), and also plays with gender and romance tropes in fun ways. 

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