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Review: An Heiress to Remember by Maya Rodale (2020)

Gilded Age Girls’ Club, Book 3

Review of Gilded Age Girls’ Club, Book 2

Heat Factor: They may think they’re each meeting fire with fire but really they’re just one big sexy inferno

Character Chemistry: I wanted them to get there so, so badly and audibly said “YES!” when they did.

Plot: Two unstoppable titans of business come head to head across the street from one another — he, the self-made man determined to destroy her family’s business and she, the wiser, stronger, natural-born leader of her family’s empire. 

Overall: If you want to walk away from a steamy romance standing taller and looking deeply satisfied, you should definitely read this.

Stop reorganizing your drawers, my fellow quarantined smut readers. I have your next distraction. 

This might not be a surprise for people who have read the rest of the Gilded Age series by Maya Rodale, but I had not. So picture me delightfully bewildered when I found this on my ARC list. 

This book is a historical romance, but it’s just incredibly fresh and fun. Essentially, Beatrice Goodwin arrives home after her disastrous marriage and subsequent divorce only to find that her idiot brother has nearly bankrupted their family’s department store. Through a loophole, she manages to stop the sale of the store and take the reins–but in doing so comes face-to-face with her first love and now enemy, Wes Dalton.

Sexy Wes, as I like to call him, was left brokenhearted when Beatrice was pushed to marry. He’s determined to become the man who wasn’t good enough for Beatrice and ruin Goodwin’s Department Store. However, Beatrice turns out to be an absolute badass of business and also, they’re like, right across the street from each other so you tell me how long you think they walk that fine line between hate and you-know-what. (Hint: it’s not very long. You’ll be very grateful for this.)

This book is such an empowering and fun read. I swear, I spent the whole time cheering for Beatrice. She’s just so strong and capable, and she’s clearly grabbed her destiny by the throat and isn’t backing down. I don’t know, I just found it irresistible. Plus, if you like a good “boss babe crew” vibe, this one has it. No spoilers, because I genuinely could not figure out how this mess was going to end up resolved, but I couldn’t believe how beautifully Rodale tied everything up. It’s truly satisfying, and she stayed true to her characters.

I couldn’t pick another book up for a few days after reading this, I loved it so much. Drop your clorox wipes and get to reading!!

I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. We disclose this in accordance with 16 CFR §255.

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