Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Ruby Dixon

Looking for a new author? Here’s everything you need to know about Ruby Dixon, whose books include Ice Planet Barbarians, The Corsair’s Captive, and Fire in His Blood.

What She Writes:

The sexiest keffing Sci-Fi smut you’ve ever read

What Makes Her Unique:

Ruby Dixon makes four arms sexy. She makes tails sexy. She makes giant, blue, three-fingered hands sexy. In short, whatever Ruby Dixon says ends up being sexy.

Writing Style:

First person point of view that alternates between the lead characters. Prose is zippy and easy to devour. Long, intricate plot lines with many different and dynamic characters. The (usually alien) men tend to be very hyper-masculine and the (usually human) women tend to be very strong and fierce in their own ways.

Why We Love Her:

Ruby Dixon absolutely nails diversity. Everyone is welcome in her fantastical, sexy, alien settings – everyone gets to have good sex. Everyone gets to have their own troubles and challenges. Truly wonderfully done.

How I Feel When I’m Reading:

She Might Not Be For You If:

The aliens are very anatomically divergent from what I would normally consider attractive in ANY way, so if tails and horns gross you out, steer clear. You may not like them if you don’t like Sci-Fi. If you’re uncomfortable with detailed sex scenes, she might not be for you. She also tends to explore all facets of the human experience and so if you find that you are easily offended by some triggers, you might have a hard time. And finally, if you prefer a modicum of realism in your smut, Dixon might not be the best bet. 

Notable Quotation:

“It wasn’t a monster come to eat me. It was this monster. 

Who’s come to eat me out.”

Ice Planet Barbarian

Content Warnings:

If it exists in the human experience, Ruby Dixon covers it. She does it with respect and understanding, but she doesn’t shy away from things that are messy or uncomfortable. Rape, trauma, disability, miscarriage, infertility, drugging, forced proximity – her longer series (Ice Planet Barbarians) has it all.

The Bottom Line:

If you’re in a smut rut and need something new…if you need to escape your day-to-day life in a dramatic way…if you like Sci-Fi…if you like to fall in love with a (hopefully) endless series…and most especially, if you’re remotely open to the most steamy, titillating, knee-weakening sex scenes you’ve ever read – Ruby Dixon is your next author.

Start With:

Ice Planet Barbarians. So many books! And several spin-off series!

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