Review: First and Only by Allie Winters (2020)

Suncoast University, Book 4

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Heat Factor: So, so steamy it’ll be a hazard for the glasses-wearing folks

Character Chemistry: They didn’t stand a chance…just the way we like it!

Plot: Jake needs a tutor after his athletic career goes down the toilet after an injury and Eden needs to learn how to be a young adult, basically. A sexy, coming-of-age, teach-me-how-to-do-sexy-things type book that unfolds deliciously slow.

Overall: This whole series is just itching to be read in one long weekend.

Jake and Eden…Eden and Jake…She’s brilliant and extremely sheltered from an abusive and restricted upbringing and desperate to have the kinds of experiences she sees her classmates having. Jake is trying to figure out a new path for himself after his dreams are derailed after an injury. Both are trying to become who they want to be, and need some expert advice. 

So, Jake teaches Eden how to feel more comfortable in her own skin, how to approach people, converse…and kiss. Eden teaches Jake that he has his own style of learning and it doesn’t make him unintelligent. Being seen kind of slowly opens them both up to something really, really sexy and real. 

This is another Suncoast University book–this series is big on consent, communication, and healthy relationships. No dominating alphas or game-playing here. But like all the other books in this series, if you think that means they lack in tension (sexual or otherwise), you’re mistaken–it’s a slow burn with characters you can’t help but like, and you’ll miss the whole crew when you’re done.

I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. We disclose this in accordance with 16 CFR §255.

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