Review: The Priest by Tiffany Reisz (2020)

Original Sinners, Book 9

Review of Original Sinners Book 1 (loved it!), Book 2 (eh)

Heat Factor: As expected, there’s a lot of sex.

Character Chemistry: Nora and Cyrus have good banter. And Nora and Søren have some beautiful moments.

Plot: A priest has committed suicide; right before he killed himself, he tried to call Nora. She had never met the man, so when Cyrus the private detective starts investigating, she helps him crack the case. 

Overall: Some aspects of this book are really excellent, but I would not recommend The Priest to anyone who was not already well-versed in the Original Sinners universe.

The sexy adventures of Nora Sutherlin continue! In this installment, Reisz sets up a mystery, so the frame story consists of Cyrus and Nora running around New Orleans asking questions about a priest who may or may not have been involved in the kink scene. As they do, they develop a friendship. Cyrus is completely bemused and not turned on by Nora, which is a fun and refreshing change from the sexiest dominatrix alive thing she generally has going on. Plus, I really appreciate the portrayal of an opposite-sex friendship without sexual tension (but with sex jokes). (Maybe I’m reading too many romance novels, but I can’t think of many portrayals of friendship even in non-romance that don’t eventually turn to sex.)

At least in Smut Land, Harry is not wrong

I thought the mystery itself was interesting enough. It’s not so well-constructed that, when the reveal hits, I was like, “OF COURSE! All the clues were right there! How did I not see it?” but it kept me engaged. Plus, it gives Cyrus and Nora a good excuse to talk to a bunch of people in sex dungeons and witchcraft stores, which, given their different perspectives on the world, makes for a fun dynamic. 

Here’s the thing about The Priest, though. It’s being marketed as a good starting point for people who want to jump into the Original Sinners series, and I 100% disagree. The hard-hitting emotional moments have resonance because of the already established relationships between the characters. For example: Nora’s investment in the mystery of the kinky dead priest only makes sense in the context of her ongoing and complicated relationship with a kinky not-yet-dead priest. However, I will say that you don’t need to read ALL of the books. I’ve read The Siren and The Angel, and that was enough to get me a solid 90% of the backstory.

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