Bookshop Announcement

Does anyone else feel a little ambivalent about the ubiquity of Amazon these days? Like, maybe it’s not a good thing that we do all our shopping at one online behemoth just because it’s so convenient. 

We certainly feel the same ambivalence, which is why we’re super excited to announce that we have joined the affiliate program with You can find our shop here. We currently have most of our Recommended Reads listed there, organized primarily by mood. For example: if you’re looking for something soothing – we have a list for that!  

Want more info? Here are all the details.

What is

Bookshop is an “online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores.” Basically, 10% of all book sales go into a general slush fund which is evenly distributed to independent bookstores every six months. We are excited to be able to support independent bookstores in our own small way during these difficult times – they are community spaces that do things like host those author talks that Erin really liked going to (in life pre-Covid). 

What does it mean that we’re affiliates?

If you buy a book from our shop (or click through to our shop and then search for any book), we will earn a commission. We’ll also start including Bookshop buy links to books we review when available. 

Will we still be posting buy links to Amazon?

Yes. Bookshop does not currently offer e-books; Bookshop’s inventory of paper books is also less extensive than Amazon’s. Bookshop only ships to the United States, so international readers (including Canadians) will need to shop elsewhere for the time being. In addition, we know that many independent authors would not be able to share their work with the world without the flexibility that self-publishing through Amazon has offered them, and we definitely want to keep supporting these authors. 

Any other questions?

Let us know in the comments, and we’d be happy to answer them!

PS: Other book bloggers! Setting up an affiliate account was super easy, and we encourage everyone to do it. The more people who shop on Bookshop, the more money goes to awesome independent bookstores.

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