Review: A Royal Second Chance Summer by Viv Royce (2020)

Little Shops on Heart Street, Book #3

Heat Factor: It’s warm

Character Chemistry: They both seem more interested in themselves than in each other, honestly

Plot: Prince goes looking for priceless lost heirloom in the United States and ends up in a small-town antique dealer’s shop looking for help. Small-town shop owner agrees to help but has her own secrets.

Overall: I just couldn’t buy into this one–the characters seemed to kind of bump along and I never believed they’d really be happy in the end.

This was such a bummer because the setting was so beautifully done and the auxiliary characters felt so well-developed–but I just couldn’t connect with this one. 

Prince Nicolas goes looking for a priceless royal family heirloom in the United States and ends up in a quaint little antique shop run by Lizzie Cates. Lizzie calls the cops on Prince Nicolas because he’s accidentally super creepy and then the awkwardness ball is off and rolling.

Both characters spend the vast majority of their time jumping to conclusions and sitting in their own heads. I didn’t feel the chemistry, because the mental gymnastics these guys went through were kind of distracting, honestly. 

Unfortunately, the characters just never really evolved into something bigger and better than they were. For example, Lizzie gets furiously angry when she discovers Nicolas is a prince, but she’s secretly hiding her own very comparable background. Really hypocritical, and it doesn’t get called out. Plus, Nicolas treats a frail, tiny, little old lady callously and cruelly and I didn’t really feel like it was ok or that it was explained or rectified. It’s just a non starter for me. 

So basically, I feel like it appeared that the series was strong and the other characters were really lovely, but I just couldn’t fall into this one.

I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. We disclose this in accordance with 16 CFR §255.

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