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Jealous Much?

As usual, I was happily reading, then I read something that annoyed me, and here I am. 

I was reading a suspense book. S and E (cis/het partners) just slept together and have been engaging in a monogamous relationship for a little while. They both work at a secret agency, so they know how wild the job is. E wakes up. S is gone from the bed. E hears S talking on the phone. S says, “I need you, <name of person of the opposite sex>.” 

So I’m sitting there, thinking, “AHA! S is calling in backup for this dicey mission!”

And E’s all, “Who is <name of person of the opposite sex>?”

…And instead of S saying the name of the character I expect it to be, S says it’s a person of the same sex, and E feels better.

So I’m like, “But what if it weren’t that way?”

And then I’m like, “HOW TF have we not arrived at a place where people of different sexes can be coworkers, and it’s not a big deal?”

So I would like to know:

Let me know why in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Jealous Much?”

  1. Ugh, I hate that. My parents actually believe men and women can’t be friends without some level of attraction there, even if unrequited. I don’t prescribe to that and I really hate the like “threatened by opposite sex coworker or childhood friend” trope.

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    1. Yup! Exactly! On the one hand, it runs straight off the deep end into “crazy jealous girlfriend” territory because it’s almost ALWAYS the woman who gets insecure (men as written tend to be more surly/aggressive when jealous, IMO), without even a moment’s consideration that it’s all totally benign. And on the other hand, it really leans in to an allocishet worldview that makes me uncomfortable, because there’s this presumption that everybody of opposite sexes has the hots for each other!


      1. Yes totally agree! I hate that view. That anyone of another gender wouldn’t value you as a person or friend without finding you attractive first. Blah. And that you’re only allowed to have friendships with your gender if you’re in a relationship cuz they’re the only “safe” ones. It does often paint the ladies as jealous. And it fosters insecurity.

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