Series Review

Series Review: Wind Dragons MC by Chantal Fernando (2014)

Heat Factor: There is a great deal of graphic sex, but they all have mostly the same sex so you’ll know if you’re into it after one nibble.

Character Chemistry: She’s my woman. What else is there?

Plot: Bikers manufacture drama by being super duper macho and having beefs with other bikers and people

Overall: Good if you like a little MC romance without going full dark emotional mess

This series is low-key MC romance. It’s not any kind of full blown dark romance, and I wouldn’t even call any of it bully romance (although I’m not an expert in either of those categories). You’ll get a little bit of possessive caveman behavior. A little criminal activity (but these guys have hearts of gold, so don’t worry, because it’s all fine when you’re living wild and free). A lot of explicit sex. All in one, big, MC family, the Wind Dragons, residents of western Australia. 

If these men have a favorite word, it’s “Mine.”

Let’s begin.

Dragon’s Lair 

In which the MC president becomes the president and finds his old lady, the MC’s ball-busting attorney.

Faye has a one-night stand with Dex, her cheating ex-boyfriend’s older brother, and whoops! gets pregnant. After her parents kick her out, she leaves town, only to be dragged back to the Wind Dragons MC clubhouse because Dex is pretty clear he wants to be a part of his kid’s life. 

It’s a good start to the series, and it’s especially a nice early snapshot of good girl Faye, who becomes a real badass, take-no-prisoners old lady queen to the club later on, but who initially struggles with being a leader among the women of the club.

Arrow’s Hell

In which a man who went to prison for murder falls desperately in love with his MC brother’s feisty little sister. 

Arrow is so angsty because he wants Anna so badly but she’s 1. Way too good for him and 2. The younger sister of his MC brother, Rake. It’s okay, Anna climbs right on that horse anyway and tames him something fierce. 

But he’s a mess for pretty much the whole book, so keep that in mind.

Tracker’s End

In which we get a little bit meta when a biker who can’t quite get himself out of a toxic relationship gets into a really lovely relationship with a secret erotic romance author.

Tracker is tempermental and jealous, and Lana is sweet and quiet. The primary problem is that Tracker can’t quite shake off his ex, who’s floated through the whole series in one way or another. The other problem is that Lana hasn’t told anyone that she’s an erotic romance author who makes plenty of money. And writers mine their worlds for book fodder… What could possibly go wrong?

See also: Public sex in the clubhouse.

Dirty Ride (novella)

In which Irish-the-silent finally gets his girl.

This novella occurs almost entirely outside of the MC world. Irish meets Tina at the bar where all the bikers like to go (it’s from another series), and he’s like, “MINE,” and things get messy because Tina’s on the run from her abusive, dirty cop, ex boyfriend.

Rake’s Redemption

In which a man who tried to get over his first love by having sex with every woman in sight (sometimes more than one at a time), meets his first love once more.

Rake is Anna’s brother and aptly named on account of his sexually profligate ways. When he runs into the ex he hoped never to see again (but, let’s be honest, for whom he’s been pining), sparks begin to fly. But even though he thinks Bailey hurt him, it turns out he done Bailey wrong by miles. Big ole yikes in this story.

See also: Very mild bondage.

Wild Ride (novella)

In which rival MC Prez (and Rake+Anna’s step-brother) Talon secretly dates Bailey’s neighbor and best friend, who is under the protection of the Wind Dragons. (GASP!)

Tia thinks Talon is sex on a stick, and has for some time, but as a single mom she hasn’t really been doing relationships, and she has to keep her hookups on the down low because of Talon’s rocky relationship with the Wind Dragons. But Talon’s got his own issues brewing in his club…issues that could shake things up pretty permanently.

Wolf’s Mate

In which the man we’ve seen grow up from a prospect has to babysit a rich girl so she doesn’t get murdered.

Talon calls in a favor that Wolf/Vinnie owes him, knowing that Vinnie won’t be able to casually protect his cousin, Shay. Shay’s wealthy but modest and really the antithesis of what Vinnie expected her to be. And her life is in danger because her dad was a super shady criminal. Once Vinnie realizes he’s all in where Shay’s concerned (it doesn’t take long), she’s under the protection of the Wind Dragons – permanently.  

There are explosions in this one.

Last Ride (novella)

In which Dex and Faye (book 1) enjoy some more exciting shenanigans, and Dex decides the stress of being the Prez isn’t more important than his family.

a.k.a. Faye gets kidnapped by the rival MC bad guys, and there’s a wee little twist in there.


In which a biker who left a rival club (Talon’s club) for the Wind Dragons meets a woman who really can’t date a biker.

Johanna is a detective looking for her cousin who’s been abducted (hello, human trafficking). Faye, working with the Feds, strong-arms Ranger–the hottest guy you’ve ever imagined, FYI–into searching for the woman, whom he once knew. Trouble is, once they find her, they discover she thinks Ranger’s the one who got away, but Ranger and Johanna are already an item. Other trouble is, Johanna’s getting pressure from her boss to dump her biker gang criminal boyfriend.

What’s a biker to do?

Fallen Princess

In which the daughter of Dex and Faye from Dragon’s Lair falls in love…with a cop.

Clover Black decided way back when she was a little girl trailing her attorney mother that the way she’d change the world was by being a cop. So she becomes a cop in another town without anyone from the MC knowing about it, with the exception of her best friend, Rafe and Bailey’s daughter. After being dumped on by her peers for too long, she’s assigned to Felix, an up-and-coming police officer who’s definitely made his way into her spank bank. I mean who’s definitely made a name for himself on the force.

But how does the princess of a notorious biker club manage to pass a background check and even become a police officer? Things aren’t always what they seem…

I listened to this whole series over the course of several days (thank you, Audible Escape!), and bingeing them might be a bit much, because while the protagonists are all a bit different, and there are different tropes, the overall tone and the whole MC vibe is super consistent. 

Which is to say, Macho Biker sees attractive woman. Macho Biker says, “Mine.” Attractive woman says, “IDK about that, but sex is super fun.” Problems occur requiring Badass Biker Involvement resolution. Macho Biker says, “Didn’t you know I’m madly in love with you?” (How could she possibly know that, Caveman?) → HEA + ride off into the sunset

Buy Now: Amazon (here’s the whole dang series, folks!)

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