Review: Resolutions by Lucy Eden (2019)

Heat Factor: Steamy enough to satisfy.

Character Chemistry: They are pretty darn cute together.

Plot: In an attempt to stop being such a weenie after failing to tell her best friend she’s in love with him, Jane sets out to tackle a huge list of resolutions. When said best friend sees the list, he volunteers to help her finish them off before the New Year. 

Overall: I just want to pinch their cheeks because of all the cuteness.

Jane has had a crush on Mike since they met at a concert three years ago, but the timing has never worked out. Since he currently has a girlfriend (who is sooooooo not right for him, obviously), Jane has decided that she’s finally done with pining, and is working on improving her life in other ways. Hence, the resolutions. 

But then! Mike finds her list, and declares that he will help her finish them. What follows are a series of just utterly adorable scenes of Jane and Mike doing adorable things together. Ice skating. Eating ice cream. Taking Italian classes. Meeting his family. Wait a minute. Meeting his family? Yup, turns out that Mike has the hots for Jane as well. 

I was all about the cuteness of everything until Jane pulled probably the stupidest runaway in the history of runaways: to wit, breaking up with Mike because “she is not cool enough to be with him.” See, because he used to be a famous musician, and she’s just a kindergarten teacher. Who cares that they share a ton of common interests and banging sexual chemistry? Ugh! So infuriating! And it’s not like Mike is being opaque about his feelings or anything; the story is told solely from Jane’s point of view, and it’s pretty darn clear from her narration that he is really really really into her. 

Despite Jane’s case of the stupids, this was, overall, a charming read. Unless you’re Erin (or similarly hate the runaway), I recommend this for when you need a quick pick-me-up. 

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Note: “Resolutions” is currently available on Kindle Unlimited – but will be leaving KU next week (Aug 17, 2020, to be exact). So if you’re a KU person, I suggest you jump on that right about now.

Addendum: “Resolutions” is also available as part of a bundled trio of novellas – and I liked the other two even better than this one, so you should probably just get the whole thing.

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