Review: Badass by Carla R. (2020)

Bombshell Series, Book 1

Heat Factor: It’s fairly steamy

Character Chemistry: It’s love-at-first sight, raring to go type thing

Plot: Molly runs a hair salon and is in the middle of a string of terrible dates when she meets Brenden, the new firefighter in town. But Molly’s having some terrifying incidents with a stalker and it’s getting NUTTY…

Overall: This was a solid debut and I was very happy with the suspense.

If you like Saint Patrick’s Day, this is the book for you. Molly is like the human version of a second grade classroom come the first of March–she’s a redhead with a tiny temper, loves green (even green flowers!)…the whole nine yards. She’s also funny and thoughtful and close with her friends, so she’s wholesome, too. She has some truly bad luck with dates, and so when she immediately clicks with Brenden you can’t really help but root for her.

Brenden is certainly handsome, and if you like alphas he’s probably your cup of tea. He’s close to his Grandpa and is a stand up guy, but he also seems a little immature. He’s territorial, jealous, and hot-headed. But he’s also quick to forgive and is pretty forthcoming about who he is. 

Actually, the nature of their relationship was the only real criticism I had–for example, in the same scene you’ll see Molly getting completely irrationally angry at Brenden, who gets completely irrationally angry in exactly the same way later. Molly gets frustrated with him for doing what she did only pages earlier. It definitely captured the wobbly legs a relationship would have with such a fast and deep connection, but it also made me wonder if I’d be seeing a lot of intimacy faux pas and immaturity between the two of them that might end up being irritating. I was really delighted to find that, in fact, Molly and Brenden seem to settle into something really strong while they’re facing an unknown foe. 

The suspense in this one was really, truly well done. If the rest of the series keeps this momentum, I think we’ll be seeing some fun books from this author in the future!

I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. We disclose this in accordance with 16 CFR §255.

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