Review: Secret Crush Seduction by Jayci Lee (2020)

Heirs of Hansol, Book 2.

Review of Heirs of Hansol, Book 1

Heat Factor: Pretty steamy.

Character Chemistry: Since it started in childhood it’s had a long time to build.

Plot: Adelaide is desperate to regain her family’s respect, in no small part because she’s driven to work for the family company. To regain their respect, she ropes her brother’s best friend, Michael, into helping her pull off an event that will put her back on the map. But then…stuff happens.

Overall: This was a steamy, fun read but I definitely think it needs to be read as a series.

Ok, so this one was a tough one to review because I do suspect some of the gaps I found would have made a lot more sense if I had read the first book! So I’ll just go by pros and cons to make sure it’s a fair evaluation.

Pros! The family is interesting and fun. I like that it’s a multigenerational family, and I love the strong matriarch. I found the chemistry between Adelaide and Michael to be well-developed, and I LOVED the development of the event they ran together. It was really nicely done and I could see it very clearly in my mind. 

Cons! Again, it’s hard to tell which aspects would have been more developed had I read Book 1. I did feel that it was a slow start for me–it took a long time for me to figure out who Adelaide and Michael really were. I also felt like the big relationship plot arc put Adelaide back in a position where she kind of fell apart and her family treated her like she was weak, and that wasn’t really resolved for me. It just seemed like after fighting so hard to be taken seriously I would have liked to see her family believe she was capable of handling her relationship stress, maybe? But it also tied back to characters I think were featured in the first book, so it’s possible that dynamic would have made more sense had I started with that background, and just a little more time with this family.

It was absolutely an entertaining read, and I felt like things really took off when Adelaide really started developing her work. Just start with the first book!

I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. We disclose this in accordance with 16 CFR §255.

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