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Saturday Smutty Six: Motorcycle Club Romance

If you’ve been following us, you might recall that Erin has been reading Motorcycle Club (MC) romance. It started with a sort of gleeful horror over Under Locke and someone else’s tweet about MC romance being a bad thing (to paraphrase). So she got curious about this corner of the world of romance and got to reading. 

BUT we haven’t actually reviewed that much MC smut on the blog, so as we get ready to launch Erin’s series on MC smut, we’ve decided to prepare a biker-related Saturday Smutty Six so that we can refer back to some MC romance heavy hitters. 

Please note that this list isn’t really a recommendation list as such, because there is probably too much problematic content in MC romance for Erin to do an outright recommended read tag on any MC smut book. 

Without further ado, Biker smut in the order that Erin read it:

Incandescent by River Savage 

If we’re going to ease in, this isn’t a bad place to start. The Knights Rebels MC used to do illegal stuff, but now they’re clean, and they’ve taken steps to ensure that their city stays clean as well. Ergo, this book is primarily about Nix Knight’s boots, jeans, and tats being too much yum for Kadence, his son’s teacher, to resist. And since bikers are almost always in the camp of, “I see it. I want it. It’s mine.” with their heroines, well, Kadence won’t resist Nix for long.

Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde

This book is often recommended as the place to start for MC romance and, um, I don’t think that’s good advice. I believe my text to Ingrid and Holly read something like: “This MC book is pretty effed up. I both hate it and am enthralled. She’s going to be his sex slave, but it’s okay because she agreed (under duress), and he wants to be a family man. I’m dying.” Don’t get me wrong, I read most of the series, but yowza, there is some seriously yikes content in this book. 

Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

All things considered, I think this book takes the biggest, most-tiered cake for WTF content. I both understand and do not at all understand how so many people are in alt about it. I understand because it is extremely dramatic and emotional. I do not understand because it includes underage sexual activity, abuse, and on-page rape and murder. Like. WUT. My head was not in a great place after this book. 

Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley

While the two books immediately preceding this might be more prominent among the dark MC romance reading crowd, this book has broader appeal. Motorcycle Man is the fourth Dream Man book, so it’s wrapping up a series instead of starting one, but when Tack finally gets his story, it is something else. Tack is the president of the MC, he’s bossy, he works on hot cars, he wears his boots and jeans and biker goatee with DGAF attitude, and Tyra thinks she’s found her dream man, only to realize that she was horribly wrong when he slam bam thank-you-ma’ams her. But when she still shows up for her new job and starts arguing with her new boss – Tack, of course – he realizes she’s got the special sauce he wants, and he doesn’t stop until he gets it. 

Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley

I didn’t necessarily want to include two books from the same author/about the same club in this list, but in Biker romance lists Own the Wind and Motorcycle Man often rank close together, and they’re technically different series. Tabby is the daughter of Chaos’s president, and Shy has known her since he joined the club, often getting her out of scrapes in her teens. They have a terrible falling out, and Tabby leaves the club for years, eventually getting engaged to a citizen. Then her fiance suddenly and unexpectedly dies, and Shy is there, apologizing for his past mistake and befriending her when she needs a little bit of normal. Also, if I’m recalling correctly, this is the only book in this list that does not include a kidnapped heroine.

Hell’s Knights by Bella Jewel

If you thought we were going to end on a light note, I am sorry to disappoint you. Hell’s Knights is the first in a series and features some more depressing and WTF content. To wit: Addison has found her father, whom she knows to belong to an MC, because she watched her mother die of an overdose after living under the abuse of her junkie mother’s pimp since she was a young child. Practically the minute she walks into the club, the VP, Cade, decides she’s going to be his old lady. But of course Addison’s past catches up with her, so there’s plenty of vigilante action on the part of this outlaw MC.

Perhaps you can understand why this isn’t a recommended reading list. That said, Erin did rather enjoy exploring what all these books are made up of and possible reasons why the content exists. We hope you enjoy her series for Motorcycle Mondays, as she explores various aspects of MC romance. 

Have you read any MC romance? Did you enjoy it? Let us know your thoughts or tell us about books you’ve read in the comments!

May 2022: Since Erin put together this list, we’ve reviewed some other romances with hot bikers. All our posts about romances with biker heroes can be found here.

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