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Review: Pursued by the Rake by Mary Lancaster (2020)

Season of Scandal Book #1

Heat Factor: It’s not throbby and there’s no slick flesh but by golly it was satisfying

Character Chemistry: It was seriously the sweetest, most adorable romance and I MELTED

Plot: Lady-in-Waiting is tricked and compromised, and then rescued by hands-down my current favorite hero (this man is like, 50% chill and 50% capable and my heart swelled so much I was concerned for my health)

Overall: After what has felt like a tiny smut slump, this absolutely adorable and totally sexy regency reminded me why I love this stuff in the first place.

This is what I remember loving about regency romance novels: there are these built in social hurdles and hard boundaries and everyone breaks all the rules and ends up smooching when no one is looking. 

This one sets up a series that is just…delicious. Four ladies-in-waiting for the Princess of Wales end up being tricked into staying the night in a residence where a party SLASH orgy is taking place. While the ladies do absolutely nothing wrong, their reputations are in tatters before they even leave the building. Because they have been SET. UP.

Hazel, our heroine, is likeable and rolls with the punches and is just generally very practical. But Sir Joe…Sir Joe, Sir Joe, Sir Joe. 

Hello, Sir Joe.

Sir Joe is quietly charming. He’s just super, super chill…but while he’s appearing like he just hasn’t a care in the world, he’s also solving all the problems like the sexy, capable gentleman he is. Can you tell I liked Sir Joe? Sigh. Sir Joe.

The thing I liked best about this one is that even though there are some naturally predictable tropes going on here, this thing is full of capers and they are extremely fun.

For those worried about the lack of slippery body parts, don’t stress–this isn’t closed door. It’s a slow burn and it’s very well done, it’s just also not intimately detailed in a way that takes many pages. 

And the best part of this book? IT’S A SERIES. And the second one is just as good as the first.

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