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Review: Crashing Into Her by Mia Sosa (2019)

Love on Cue, Book 3

Reviews of Love on Cue Book 1, Book 2

Heat Factor: Unlike Danny Zuko, Anthony can Get It at the drive in.

Character Chemistry: So much witty banter – but they also really see each other

Plot: I really like you, but you definitely don’t want a relationship.

Overall: Low angst. High heat. I couldn’t put it down.

I want to start by stating, for the record, that Eva and Anthony would get on my last nerve if I met them in real life. They perform all the time – especially when they’re together. If we were at a dinner party together, I would be exhausted by the time I left. They are just so extra. (Addendum: I would love to take Eva’s zumba class, though. If there’s a time and a place for an extreme extrovert, it’s when teaching zumba.) 

So in the early part of the book, when Eva and Anthony are performatively sparring all the time, I was simultaneously annoyed and amused by their antics. Sidenote: we have our ever-growing list of tropes, and when Erin added “sparring partners,” I was like, what is this even, and how is it distinct from enemies to lovers? NOW I KNOW. 

Luckily, while the banter remains witty, Eva and Anthony also stop posturing so much, and open up to each other emotionally. Some moments that I especially appreciated include:

  • Eva calling Anthony out for his ridiculous “I’m a bachelor forever” stance. Her take: it’s a manipulative way to get women to take care of you. While that is not precisely true in Anthony’s case, in terms of romance metacommentary and talking about emotionally constipated men, I am right there with her. 
  • When Eva and Anthony decide that what they have is maybe more than casual sex, they have an honest and open conversation about it. And then have even hot sex, so that I was fanning myself and turning the pages like a madwoman. 
  • The betrayal feels utterly realistic. Keeping it vague, Anthony does precisely the wrong thing, and he knows that Eva won’t like it, but I still utterly sympathized with his position – and also with Eva’s position when she found out. When I am on both sides of an argument, you know that it’s actually something tricky to work out, and not just manufactured drama for drama’s sake. 

But even without the emotional growth, I got behind this book 100% the moment that Eva shared an inalienable truth about reality: that reggaeton is the best aphrodisiac. 

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