Review: Blind Date with a Book Boyfriend by Lucy Eden (2020)

Heat Factor: A hint of heat to cap off a perfect date

Character Chemistry: Cutie patooties

Plot: Jordyn and Mike meet cute over a romance novel and then go on a day long date

Overall: This book is a delightful treat for super romance fans

If you love reading smut, and read a lot of it, Blind Date with a Book Boyfriend is a lovely way to wile away an afternoon. It’s short, adorable, and chock full of references to other romance novels. Jordyn and Mike meet at The Ripped Bodice, talk about their favorite romances (because yes, Mike reads romance and is not ashamed), and try to determine whether or not Mike is a cinnamon roll hero. Everything is super cute, and they do super cute things together on their epic date as they explore Culver City. 

There’s one downside: the black moment at the end of the date made me angry. See, on their perfect date, Jordyn and Mike don’t share their last names or where they work or any identifying information, only their true selves. However, when they do reveal that information, it turns out there’s a serious impediment to them being together, and Jordyn freaks out and acts like Mike was lying to her about everything, as if there were an active deception plot going on here. I understand the need for a bit of drama to give the plot some oomph, but her reaction felt so overblown to me. Honestly, I read this book several months ago and this moment is what really stuck with me.

Luckily, the ending Eden crafts for these two lovebirds was satisfying enough that I was happy for them to be together. 

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