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Review: Lovers Lost by Ashton Abbott (2020)

A Raedan Warrior Novella

Review of Raedan Warrior Series, Book 1

Heat Factor: There’s a lot of steam in this novella.

Character Chemistry: You would think that with these two being separated by a whole consciousness and constant injuries it wouldn’t be this hot but these two could light a glass of water on fire.

Plot: This is a supporting novella that can be standalone, but it does tie into the Raedan Warrior Series and delves into the saving of Vanya from her imprisonment and recovery.

Overall: This is a really well-paced, dark and steamy paranormal novella and I highly recommend reading it as part of the series.

After reading Necromancer Rising I hoped we’d see what happened with Vanya and Draven, and thank heaven Ashton Abbott did not disappoint!

In this perfectly short novella, we see what happens with the raging and violent Vanya, who is quite literally out of her mind after being tormented by the goddess Macha. Her husband, Draven, has to coax her back into reality or risk losing her forever–but Vanya is living in the early days of their courtship and has no desire to leave. Draven is part water-horse and requires frequent ocean visits, so his energy is constantly sapped as he refuses to leave Vanya’s side. As much as Draven wants to save her, Vanya, the once-shrinking violet, is going to have to save herself.

This has all the bloody gore and magical lore of Necromancer Rising. You could probably read it as a standalone, but you might miss some of the connections and backstory that made it more enjoyable. There is a LOT of backstory, and it’s honestly a little hard to summarize–so I would advise reading it as part of the series. 

If you’re into those steamy scenes, this is packed full of them–including one where Draven vividly describes a whole, long, detailed memory of some really drool-worthy grownup shenanigans. Plus, I find her characters to be kind of darkly quirky and interesting. They have a tendency to throw the plot completely off any kind of predictable course in the blink of an eye, and I like it.

I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. We disclose this in accordance with 16 CFR §255.

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