Review: Hot Ghost by Annika Martin (2019)

Heat Factor: There’s a little bit of ghost on ghost action, but not too much

Character Chemistry: It’s amazing what can happen when one stops being unnecessarily mean to someone and starts listening to them…

Plot: She used to antagonize him for being some dumb ghost who does the same thing every night. Then she also died, and now they’re the only ones who can talk to each other.

Overall: I regret nothing

I’ve had Hot Ghost on my Kindle for a loooooooooooong time. Now we’ve arrived at another Halloween, and I want to read some mindless fluff, so that seems like the perfect excuse to knock this puppy out. So I did.

I think I purchased this solely based on the title, so I had no idea what I was in for, which meant that my main question was: How are a ghost and a woman going to hook up? 

Answer: The heroine also dies. Hope that’s not a spoiler. I don’t think it should be, since the protagonists develop a whole relationship after she does. Also, I feel like it should be a sort of content warning: do not read if you are uncomfortable with the heroine seeing her own dead body and attending her own funeral. The story is light-hearted and slightly humorous, so it’s not meant to be heavy, but let’s face it: death is always at least a little bit heavy. 

Here’s the deal: Cassie’s family owns the land around the dock where Captain William McHenry comes haunting every evening at 8:15 p.m. Cassie had her own dreams and goals, but now she’s stuck running the family ghost tour business, and the ghost is totally pathetic. He does the same thing every night at 8:15, looking for the love he lost when his ship went down in a storm. He has ghost powers! He should be less pathetic!

At least that’s what Cassie thinks until she has an accident one night that results in her own death, at which point she can suddenly see Captain McHenry, and dang, but that ghost is hot. Cassie has to come to terms with her death and the limitations of being a ghost, and William is just a nice guy-ghost, so even though she’s a bit of a pill, he’s not. 


So I guess, in this case, we get a HEA that really lasts forever after.

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