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Review: A Match Made for Thanksgiving by Jackie Lau (2019)

Holidays with the Wongs, Book 1

Heat Factor: It starts with a pretty hot one-night stand, but it’s also not heavily detailed

Character Chemistry: “I really kind of wish I hadn’t let that one-night stand just be a one-night stand.”

Plot: Two adults have one-night stand. Oops! Same two adults are set up on dates with different people at a family Thanksgiving dinner. 

Overall: Totally warm fuzzy cute fun

I feel I should add a caveat that this book is about Canadian Thanksgiving, which is basically the same as US Thanksgiving except that it’s on a Monday in October, not on a Thursday in November.

There. That’s done. 

Lau does not have a flowery writing style, and I really enjoyed it. The dialogue in particular was engaging and fun. I loved that Lily is so orderly that she even plans her spontaneous one-night stand evening. I loved that Nick likes singleton, rich, playboy life but realizes that he likes it a little better with Lily in it. 

Ought I to rewind? Okay. 

Nick really does not want to have anything to do with his small town origins in Mosquito Bay, Ontario. He’s perfectly happy with his wealthy bachelor lifestyle in Toronto. Lily Tseng got dumped by her boyfriend of one year because she’s boring. She’s determined to try new things, starting with a one-night stand. 

So Nick and Lily meet and hit it off and have a totally amazing one-night stand. It sounded really fun, TBH, and if I were a single city girl I would dream of having such a night. And then they leave it at one night, even though both are maybe not totally sure that’s what they want, because the night was so fun, but after all it was probably so fun because of the no-strings aspect, right?

I liked that they walked away from each other the morning after with no means of contacting each other. 

But Nick’s interfering family arranges dates for their four children, because 3 of the 4 children are in their thirties and unmarried and what are they even doing with their lives? Their parents had multiple children by the time they were Nick’s age! So when all the kids come home for Thanksgiving, SURPRISE! They’ve arranged dates for their kids based on romance tropes (which, lol), but Lily doesn’t get invited as Nick’s date…she gets invited as his older brother’s!

Of course, the real romantic relationship gets sorted as it should, but Nick and Lily still have to deal with the question of what they’re taking with them into the future. Specifically – does Nick really need his unattached lifestyle and is Lily really too boring to hold a love interest’s attention? 

There’s not very much ridiculous drama in this story, and it’s very straight-forward. But it’s also just really nice and a great read when you want something light, fun, and well-written.

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Or there’s a new box set of the whole series with a bonus epilogue, if you’re interested in going all in on the Wongs

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