Review: A Viking’s Peace by Zoe York (2014)

Vikings in Space, Book #1

Heat Factor: Space Vikings are sex Vikings, in fact

Character Chemistry: ”These feelings are not appropriate for this mission.” → “My mate was brought to my planet by the gods.”

Plot: She’s a diplomat from Earth, He’s the son of the king of Midgard, and this diplomatic mission is not supposed to include any funny business.

Overall: I was entertained

A Viking’s Peace was one of those books that I think I picked up because I thought it would be entertaining and it was either free or super inexpensive. 

I mean. Space Vikings? Why would you not pick that up?

The premise of this book is that the Vikings left Earth in 2091 because they couldn’t do their Viking thing (like carry knives on their belts) on Earth anymore. So in 2254, the relationship between Midgard and Earth is strained, but Earth wants Midgard’s mineral resources, and Midgard needs Earth’s medical technology. Or something. 

So Ashleigh is this bright-eyed young diplomat who really shouldn’t even be on this mission, she’s that green, but her superior got sick and had to stay home. Her Midgard liaison is Reinn Ragnarsson, who just happens to be both the son of the king and an agricultural scientist with a PhD. He’s resentful, she’s ruthlessly optimistic. It’s a whole thing. 

Okay. So. Here’s the fun thing. Or at least one fun thing. Reinn is having a bad…however long. Because it’s not totally unusual for others to be invited into the bedrooms of married couples on Midgard, but it is pretty unusual for that to happen and then the husband gets thrown out of the bed in favor of his best friend. And then his ex-wife, whom he never impregnated (which, as we know, is important in space smut), is immediately knocked up by his ex-best friend. So Reinn is grumpy. His life is not supposed to be going the way it’s going. Especially because he’s always believed “that his true mate would be delivered to him by the gods.”

Aaaaand we have a fated mates, my friends! BAM. But it’s, like, two humans. So that’s different. 

Of course Ashleigh tries to fight the feelings a bit, because she’s a darn professional, but also – the sex. And also – he’s super committed to her super immediately. And also, Reinn looks like this:

So, you know, go Ashleigh!

I did wonder how they were speaking ancient Danish when that would have required them to have some historical regression. Unless, it occurs to me, it was something like 19th Century Danish and not really ancient Danish. Or, you know, Hebrew did basically get resurrected as a spoken language, so there’s precedent there, I guess. Though the whole wearing Viking-esque clothing and carrying weapons as a matter of culture is indisputably a historical regression. So just fair warning: don’t overthink that, like I very obviously did.

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