Review: Daddy Crush by A. Anders (2020)

Heat Factor: I’d imagine it’s everything you’d expect in a sexy version of “virgin learning how to sex” story

Character Chemistry: Woo, boy, do these two want to jump each other’s bones

Plot: Sheltered mid-20-something wants to experience all the sex and romance that her family wouldn’t allow now that she’s independent, but the only man who does it for her is her standoffish silver fox neighbor

Overall: This just scrapes the surface of daddy kink

This book is short and hot, so it’s fun, but also Anders thinks enough about the characters and their dynamics enough to give the story some depth that takes it beyond a one-handed kinky read. As it were. 

If you’re looking for pure daddy kink, this probably won’t quite work. For background, Jerusha is only just starting to explore her sexuality, but at least she’s found some friends who are more than willing to talk sex, so while she’s inexperienced, she’s not totally in the dark, while Karl, who’s older and divorced, knows he likes to dominate in the bedroom, but he’s never engaged in daddy kink before. So where this falls into daddy kink is: they’re both discovering that they’re into it together. Which in this case means that it doesn’t really get to the full-blown level of feeling like taboo daddy kink, which is probably the draw for most people actively seeking out daddy books. 

But if you’ve never tried daddy kink and you’re curious, this might be a good option to dip your toe in without diving straight into the taboo pool. Jerusha is 26, so although Karl is much older than her, she’s not in the under-24, this-is-maybe-too-yikes category that forms so much of age gap and daddy taboo. Karl’s 18-year-old daughter makes the age gap more apparent, but she has a loving and supportive relationship with her father, so the conflict really only stems from the boundaries that Karl and Jerusha are negotiating with with respect to each other.

What most worked for me with this story is that it embraces the Daddy who is a nurturing and caregiving dominant partner. Jerusha isn’t into being a brat, and Karl isn’t into punishment, so while there’s some dirty talk and some spanky hanky panky, their relationship is not about discipline, it’s about Karl taking care of Jerusha, which is its own kind of sexy.

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