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February Preview

We usually include our preview for the month at the end of last month’s wrap up (because of laziness, mostly), but February is a Big Month for Romancelandia, so we have some extra things to say.

But first, the preview:

Now, the things:

  1. Valentine’s Day is a-comin’! So we are girding our collective loins for a bunch of articles about Fabio. Please don’t send them to us. But seriously, you would think that people would be tired of writing hot takes about romance without, uh, talking to people to actually think about romance on a regular basis.
    With that said…we might do a special something for Valentine’s Day. But no promises.
  2. February is Black History Month. In the past, we’ve focused on highlighting books by Black authors in February. But Smut is ALWAYS Political, not just when we’re “supposed” to think about Black history, so we’re trying to highlight smut by marginalized voices year-round.
    If you’re interested in some thematic reading, here’s a list of Black and Interracial historical romance that Holly put together last summer.

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