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Review: Unmasked by Her Lover by Mary Lancaster (2021)

Seasons of Scandal, Book 4

Review of Seasons of Scandal, Book 1

Heat Factor: It’s like,  “electric blanket on a cold day” warm.

Character Chemistry: We have here some childhood friends turned lovers, so it’s comfortable and sweet.

Plot: Last book in a great series–childhood friends reconnect to try to save Meg’s reputation after a scandal. But Harry is all grown up…

Overall: I stalked every book in this series and loved it!!

Lady Meg is the last Lady-in-Waiting in this series to face the orchestrated scandal and the fall out. The whole series is utterly charming and a little suspenseful, and I absolutely loved it.

For Lady Meg, the fall out is relatively mild–her family is a little concerned, but they’re obviously loving and supportive. However; their solution is for her to marry her childhood friend, Captain Lord Harry, whose proposal she had rejected years before, and she’s not really keen to revisit that kind of arrangement. Now home from his service, he’s both a little injured and a little more worldly, and it’s doing things to Meg she isn’t sure she likes.

As a compromise, Lady Meg convinces Lord Harry to accompany her to her twin sister’s manor in the countryside, where she’s positive she’ll be able to claim she was the whole time, thus avoiding the scandal altogether. (The old, “what, me? I wasn’t even there!” maneuver.) But when she gets there, her sister is gone and her brother-in-law is stressing over a house party that’s supposed to start imminently, and so Meg decides to pretend to be BOTH herself AND her sister to save them both from a scandalous mess. How absolutely titillating, am I right?

This is the series finale for all of the players in the Season of Scandal, so the stakes were high for this book–we had to see how the nefarious plotting comes to an end and figure out why on earth this happened in the first place, so I felt this book definitely centered a bit more on suspense and slightly less on the romance, but not in any way that detracts from the love story. Harry and Meg still manage to set the belly butterflies flying, which is true for every book in this series–it’s certainly not a steamy set (there’s hanky panky but not like, intimate details that will make you blush and fan yourself if you read them in public), but it is definitely thrilling to watch these couples fall in love, and I fell HARD for every single hero in this series. 

Having read almost every Mary Lancaster there is, I would say that this series is right up there with her others–in my opinion she shines brightest in her more intricate, short-ish series, so I was so excited to see this one released and have followed it closely. 

I still feel like the first book was the one that continues to get me right in the feels (I’m 100% Team Joe) but you won’t regret going the distance with this charming series!

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