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Review: A Reluctant Attraction by Rosanna Leo (2021)

The Handymen, Book #3

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Heat Factor: It was…delicious.

Character Chemistry: They were soooooo good together in just so many ways which is just how this series is from start to stop.

Plot: Nick takes on the last project for the Handymen TV series after being the subject of a pretty demeaning cyberbullying campaign. The property is owned by Claire, a widow who is in desperate need of a fresh start—and sparks fly almost instantaneously. 

Overall: UGHHH this is such a phenomenal end to the Handymen Series and I loved it so much.

Just being honest, this book gets extra points for having a Grandma Ingrid who has a lot of cats because honestly, shouldn’t all books have a Grandma Ingrid who loves cats? I just need to get that out of the way. I felt really strongly about it.

This series is so fearless and wholesome in the way it approaches the messiness and trauma of life, and it does it in a sexy and sweet way. I don’t know how, but the author unpacks these things that could be depicted with a touch of shame or embarrassment or drama and she does it with so much moxie that it just feeds into that new relationship buzz, and it WORKS. 

In this last book, Nick ends up being cyberbullied to a degree that causes him a fairly significant amount of emotional distress, and just as he’s figuring out how to deal with that he ends up getting the career opportunity of his dreams. As he’s preparing to wrap the last project of the Handymen Series, he’s introduced to Claire, a widow who is desperately trying to hold together her late husband’s cat rescue. 

This is what’s interesting about Nick—the way he’s cyberbullied is HARSH. Like, no punches are pulled here. It was so uncomfortable to read about how it unfolded and how it impacted him personally, but on the surface he was still the same charming, suave, motivated guy. And I just freaking love how the author does this in every book in this series. The characters are so complex and easy to understand and sympathize with. It wasn’t like being cyberbullied was his entire persona, but it clearly deeply impacted him and it was something he had to work through in order to be with Claire.

Claire at first is so gentle and passive, and I wondered if she’d just kind of fold into Nick. But that was silly, because that’s not how this series works! Not only did I cheer her on when she fought to let go of just impossibly difficult memories and attachments, but she also faced the fact that the husband she loved and lost wasn’t perfect and was a messy, loveable person just like anyone else. She was SO brave and easy to relate to. 

And to be honest, holy moses. The steam in this one was aces. Worth the wait, just like Nick and Claire. 

I can’t recommend this series or the author highly enough!!

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5 thoughts on “Review: A Reluctant Attraction by Rosanna Leo (2021)”

  1. Oh, Ingrid!! This review made me cry! I’m literally sitting here at work, on a break, wiping tears away! Thank you so much, for this, and for supporting the entire series. I appreciate you taking on an author that was new to you, and for being such a great champion. Thank you so much, to Ingrid, and everyone at Smut Report.

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  2. I loved it so much and every single book in this series just kind of hung out in my brain for ages afterwards. I just think the way you write characters honors the way we go through traumas in real life, and it was like a breath of fresh air to read this series. So thank you for allowing me to review it!! Can’t wait to read what you cook up next. 🙂

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