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Review: Caressed by Ice by Nalini Singh (2007)

Psy-Changeling, Book #3

Review of Psy-Changeling, Book #1

Heat Factor: Judd destroys furniture with his mind while banging because it’s so intense 

Character Chemistry: So, the drama of “he really wants to be with her but if he engages in their emotions one of them will die” (not joking) is AWESOME

Plot: There’s a lot going on with all the Psy/Changeling politics, but also Brenna is recovering from being kidnapped and tortured, and Judd is desperately trying not to break Silence and become a serial killer.

Overall: This book totally sealed it for me. I stan Psy/Changeling now.

In the first two books in the series, the Psy are women and the Changelings are men, which is its own kind of fun. But in this book the Psy is a man and the Changeling is a woman. And if you have been reading my reviews, you know that emotionally reserved bossy men with mad skills are catnip for me. 

Plus, I felt like Judd actually had a very good reason to avoid a relationship with Brenna, on account of: before Silence (the reason Psy don’t have feelings) all Psy with his powers ended up being murderers, and intentionally or not, they would kill a person they loved. So. Judd cannot break Silence and have feelings, first of all because he’s terrified (mildly concerned? IDK what that would be if you’re not allowed to have feelings) he’ll end up killing Brenna. But also because his assassin training from before he left the PsyNet means that he has special triggers in his mind that will kill him if he breaks Silence and embraces his feelings. Like, his ears start bleeding when he hugs Brenna too much. 

So Judd is like, “This is so not happening.”

Meanwhile, Brenna is like, “This is so already happening.” Then: “Also my kidnapper broke me because I can’t shift and I’m having dreams about murdering people now.”

All the drama! 

Oh, also, Brenna is a wolf shifter, and Changelings are very physical, so she needs touch. The Psy don’t like touch, and also touching Brenna, as I mentioned, makes Judd bleed. So complicated!

Anyway, this book has many many levels. There is the Brenna and Judd relationship situation happening. But there is also someone murdering/trying to murder people in the SnowDancer pack, which is what Brenna’s visions are all about. And Judd has left the PsyNet, but he’s still using his badass assassin powers to disrupt Psy politics. And then of course Singh moves the overall plot of the whole series forward with all of the political machinations on the part of the Psy Council (that are actually pretty disturbing). It’s all interconnected. She’s very good. Singh, that is. I can see why people so love this book and this series. 

And then I binged 9 Psy/Changeling books in a row. This series is awesome!

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