Review: Pink Slip by Katrina Jackson (2018)

The Spies Who Loved Her, Book 1

Cover of PINK SLEEP: The Spies Who Loved Her by Katrina Jackson

A young woman in a yellow shirt, black hat, and sunglasses

Heat Factor: Everyone is very horny.

Character Chemistry: Horny, yes. Is it love? Eh.

Plot: 50% being horny, 50% spy stuff.

Overall: Are you looking for some horny spies? Then have I got the book for you!

Yet another book that has been languishing in my Kindle for a while, so a big thanks to Erin for organizing all of these trope weeks for us to read for!

The basic premise of this book is Mr. and Mrs. Smith have a personal assistant who is very very in lust with her bosses. Her last week on the job, they jet off to Serbia to take down a dictator (look, we are just not going to talk about the politics of regime change in this book), and the spies need Kierra’s help. See, Evil Dictator likes hanging out in menage clubs, so Lane and Monica need a third party that they trust so that their cover in all these sex clubs isn’t blown. Now they can finally give in to that lust that’s been simmering for all these years!

There’s more to it than that (not including the destabilizing aftermath of regime change), but really, this is a book about people who are very horny for each other all the time, to the extent that maybe these spies are not doing their jobs all that well. 

What you will get:

  • Spy stuff, including some graphic violence as Monica and Lane do their thing
  • Three-way boning in several configurations

What you will not get:

  • A sense that Kierra becomes an equal partner in this relationship
  • Angsting about the power differential between Kierra and her bosses

Is it fun? Yes! 

Is it a great, life-altering romance that plays around with tropes in interesting ways? Not really. 

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