Review: Santa Claus is Going to Town on Me by M.L. Eliza (2021)

Heat Factor: His jizz tastes like peppermint

Character Chemistry: Instant attraction, plus Santa has a special power where he knows your desires *eyebrow waggle*

Plot: Holly hates Christmas, but she’s definitely going to bone Santa when given the chance

Overall: Sexy rumpus that’s surprisingly thoughtful and legitimately touching

Sometimes, I just want a romance novel that’s ridiculous—I’m looking for pure entertainment. So when I had the opportunity to read a Santa romance with a ridiculous title, written by an author who focuses on writing big, bearded heroes, how could I pass it up? Plus, the heroine is named Holly.

Santa Claus Is Going to Town on Me definitely delivers in the pure entertainment department. A lot of the plot is Holly having sex with Claus (rhymes with “house”), with special help from a Santa-magic sex toy. And the author is clearly having a lot of fun imagining the parameters of Santa’s powers, and how they might impact his sex life. For example: he changes size to be the size he needs to be at a given time (that’s how he goes up and down chimneys), which means that…he can grow as needed to give maximum pleasure. It’s just really fun. 

But this book isn’t all ridiculousness. Holly also has to navigate what it means to have a relationship with a possibly immortal not-so-mythical person who can hear her every desire. I found the desire bit in particular really interesting: Claus hears all of her desires, all of the time—he can’t control it or turn it off. So sometimes Claus oversteps, because he wants Holly to be happy. For example, he gives her house a magic makeover so that it matches what she wants it to be…without talking to Holly about it first. And he’s constantly checking in with her about him staying around, because although he can hear her desires, desire is not actually so clear cut. 

He says: 

“I can hear your desires, yes. But I can’t hear your reservations, your doubts. And I may not be human and I may live thousands of miles away from humans, but I know that often desire and doubt tangle. Wants can be complicated.”

Wants can be complicated indeed—even in magical situations where your fantasies can easily be fulfilled. The care that Claus takes (and the emotional heft of Holly’s revelation about why she hates Christmas) meant that this book surprised me. There was more to it than I was expecting based on the premise. 

Come for the fantasy of having sex in Santa’s sleigh; stay for the emotional connection. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. We disclose this in accordance with 16 CFR §255.

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