Review: Sheriff Dragon’s Secret Baby by Brittany White (2020)

Irish Dragon Shifter Brothers, Book #4

Review of Irish Dragon Shifter Brothers, Book #1

Heat Factor: Well, they have a lot of sex, and it’s very descriptive…

Character Chemistry: They had a one night stand five years ago and even though he has fully embraced his “bachelor lifestyle” (ahem), she is the one who has always stuck in his memory

Plot: Dragon shifter has super baby dragon finder powers, discovers his secret baby, becomes fully invested in his new family (even when the baby’s mom runs away to Cuba), and also there are evil witches

Overall: What even is this series? This book was exactly what I expected it to be – totally bonkers

Okay, so I’m thinking the brainstorming for this book must have gone something like this:

Well, I’ve already done a billionaire, a doctor, a lawyer, a nanny, a fake bride, and a surrogate, so obviously next I have to do a secret baby for the sheriff. 

(Sounds reasonable, what are they going to do?)

So, staying in Texas is already done and done, plus it’s not like the sheriff wouldn’t know about his secret baby in a small town, so obviously they have to go on vacation to a place that’s really far away so his dragon sensor superpower wouldn’t have previously found the secret baby. 

(Wait, there’s a dragon sensor superpower?)

Yeah, I definitely already put that low-level mood sensing skill in the dragon shifter clan, which is going to be really convenient for Brennan-the-sheriff to be able to just magically roll up to some random house in Florida because that’s where his kid is.

(Okay, that works, but what about the mom? We have already established that dragon shifter babies are not like other kids.)

Right, so we’ve already got two humans and one dragon, and he would have realized if she were a dragon when they hooked up before anyway, so let’s make her…. FAE!

(Seems legit. So what’s her deal?)

I’m thinking she’s half human, half fae, so her family rejected her and she’s been alone in the world, struggling to take care of her smol dragon baby. We’ll call her Fallon because she’s also Irish.

(Naturally. So much bonkers can be cleared up with some simple abandonment and isolation.)

Yeah, so she’ll be all, “I should probably try to find my kid’s dad so he can learn how to be a dragon, but I can just do that later when I’m not so worried that he’ll try to take my baby away from me.” 

(But what about the dragon finder superpowers?)

Well, then Brennan finds them on his Florida vacation and he’s like, “Cool! I have a family now!”

(And they go back to having all the sex because they can’t resist each other because they were the best the other’s ever had?)

Obvi. But then Fallon has second thoughts like, “He’s going to brainwash my kid into only wanting to accept his dragon half, and he’ll shut me out, and I have to take my kid and run!”

(Because of her family situation, sure, sure. So…what happens when she runs off?)

Well obviously he’s going to go after them. But he can’t be a jerk, so they’ll just talk things through after they get to Cuba.

(Cuba? Really?)

I mean, it’s right there. Also it’s a very interesting island.

(Fair enough. But if they work it all out then what’s the problem?)

Okay, so then I think they’ll go back to Texas because it’s not like Fallon was doing anything that great in Florida in the first place, and Brennan’s the sheriff and has his clan, and they’ll live together and play house.

(I’m still not getting a problem tho.)

Right, but he’ll be all, “She’s not my mate! Hahaha!” and she’ll be like, “Nobody wants me, so I’ll just take my love and nurture it in my own house that is very, very lonely when my kid is at his dad’s house.”

(Ooo, how are you going to solve that problem?)

Duh, the evil witches from Ireland.

(I don’t follow.)

Fallon’s sister will appear out of nowhere to warn the dragons that the evil Irish witches are planning an attack, so they’ll all go off to Ireland and have a huge dragon-fae-witch battle!


I KNOW, RIGHT?! And then they can get married and have all the sex and babies.

And then, when the writing was done, she went, click, click, publish, because what even is editing?!

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