Review: Splash Me by Laura Lovely (2019)

Fairytale Remixes #1

Heat Factor: It’s a very smutty novella, so there’s a lot of heat in a small space.

Character Chemistry: THIS is what I loved—I totally got it.

Plot: April is on a business trip and sexting with her very new flame, Kevin, when he asks her for her secret fantasy. It involves the move Splash and Kevin is all in. 

Overall: It’s quick, it’s cute, and it’s extremely steamy.

SO intrigued by this Fairytale Remixes Series. In this one, we meet April, who is at that phase in her relationship with Kevin where it’s super casual but you can tell she’s actually got it pretty bad. Kevin started a video game type of company with a friend and he’s thick and has a little belly and he’s evidently VERY committed to success in the bedroom. So I mean—tell me you aren’t already hooked on Kevin. 

When sexting one night, April ends up confessing she’s got a fantasy based on the movie Splash, but in HER fantasy the Tom Hanks character walks in on the Darryl Hannah character, sees her as a mermaid, and shenanigans ensue. Kevin says “As you wish” and April is thrilled.

Basically, when she gets back to New York and his apartment, April sees that Kevin has fully committed to this fantasy. He recreated the scene in his bathroom and bought April a red mermaid tail.

Here’s why I think this series has a lot of potential: the way this scene unfolds adds a TON of emotional connection without the length. April is noticing the care and consideration Kevin has put into a fantasy she was worried about sharing, and he’s fully committed to going the distance with her. When they’re hooking up, she notices that he’s heavier and she likes his beer belly because the weight of him makes her feel safe. That’s a really intimate detail that adds warmth and depth. I loved it, and I’m not normally a sexy novella type of reader! It was absolutely skillfully done.

And if you are a sexy novella type of reader, fear not–this is a quick read, but it’s very steamy (and you’ll finally have an idea of how a mermaid…erm…does “it”).

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