Wrap Up

May 2022 Wrap Up

As we return to the daily grind after Memorial Day weekend, we’re looking forward to a long summer of reading by the beach, reading by the pool, reading while the kids run through the sprinkler in the backyard, reading in our air-conditioned living rooms…

But before we look forward too much, here’s a quick look back at everything we got up to last month.

Our Favorite Reads…

Ingrid’s Choice: Dreams of Fate by Skylar Shoar

There were a lot of tissues involved.

Holly’s Choice: The King’s Man by Elizabeth Kingston

Do you love densely-written historical romance? If you are Holly’s reading twin, please read this book post-haste.

Erin’s Choice: The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley

No-nonsense heroine plus an author who uses historical facts to poke at the reader’s understanding of the present? Yes please.

More from the Blog…

Notes from Romancelandia…

Coming Soon…

Erin picked June’s Trope Week theme, and we’re branching out into settings! We’ll be talking about and reading romances set in the Interwar Period (1920s-1930s), and are excited to dive into a time period that’s less frequently featured in romance.

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